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I provide a roundup of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Thank you for your response to last weeks publication. Today I have included my thoughts on 88e and hopes and expectations going forward. ‘Whats on Next’ has been a hit with followers of Steve Shares with many asking for their most favourable looking stocks to be covered on TipTv.

This week I talk about our Cardiff event with guest speaker Gervais Williams of Miton Group, The company’s Kryptonite1, EG Solutions Plc and Widecells Group.

Watch here

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Whats hot? Whats not?

This weeks top stocks…

88 Energy (88e)
Shareholders and traders seemed to want far more oil in place than has been announced. For the traders the share price didn’t jump as much as some had hoped and expected. The long term holders did not mind how the share price reacted as they were happy with the resource upgrade in place. Lets be reasonable here and say that at the moment the markets are not pricing in ‘potential’ with many stocks. They want to see the words commercial and a good flow rate and some facts and figures in place to see new recent highs behind us. I for one am happy with the resource upgrade and has been in line with my hopes and expectations.

The Alpha target which is on the northern border of our acreage would be an easily reachable target and would allow for a cheap drill for commercial conventional oil to allow a self funding project to extract the shale. With the oil price having nearly doubled from this time last year that is the key item in place so as to attract potential Joint Venture partners or attract a buy out of our land. The key as I have alluded to since 18 months ago is the decline of oil in the pipeline system known as the Trans Alaskan Pipeline. The pipeline is co owned between 5 major partners, the key element is the decline over recent years of the oil flowing through the pipe. To cut a long story short there is an issue with the decline of oil in the pipe and is causing corrosion and thermal expansion in some areas and will need one of two things to happen. Either the owners payout money to repair these sections at the cost of Billions of Dollars and the administration time and efforts to get work and environmental permits in place, or they increase the oil flow rates to combat the issues.

Over the past few years BP (47% stake), Connocophillips (28% stake) and Exxonmobil (20% stake) as the biggest share owners have been buying projects across the Alaskan wilderness to seemingly take the longer term prospects of gaining oil discoveries to make a profit in the longer term and not pay out on repairs and leave the issues to redevelop elsewhere. Looking at the board of directors for 88e is an intriguing story, the main man Paul Basinski has previously worked on Project Icewine whilst at ConnocoPhillips, the key question is would any major oil company let their main man go it alone with work done on their watch without keeping an eye on him? He has history as he did this with the Eagleford discovery in Texas. Steve Staley has a previous history with them as well as selling Cove Energy to a major.

Although a longer term project will be more prosperous for the shareholders I cannot see anything other than a takeover offer coming to satisfy the requirements of the Alaskan state department and the owners of the pipeline system. Will an offer come in? What could the offer be? Time will tell, for now the last piece of the proverbial jigsaw puzzle is will it flow? I for one am willing to say yes it will and it will be commercial and I wish everyone great success in one of the hottest stocks of the last year, and sure to be there this year as well… any thoughts questions or comments please ask away…

Kodal Minerals (KOD)
Kodal minerals continues to see significant rises in the share price as the expected results on the grades of the lithium drilling program by the end of January to show the potential resource. Are people looking to de risk on the run up to the expected news or holding to see what comes of them? Even with the statement of ‘We don’t know why the share price movement’ last week there seems to be no stopping the movement… What are the longer term prospects for the company? Your comments and thoughts are welcomed.

Fitbug (FITB)
A very strange week as traders chased the share price higher. The news reported a month after the items were shipped was a surprise for holders, the company suspended the trading of the shares on the 18th pending an announcement. The yearly report made for grim reading for holders with minimal sales and the contract for the 14000 items only making around £60,000. What are the hopes of holders over the longer term? Will they ever sell enough volume of units to make a clear profit in an already crowded market? How does this compare to CTAG and Garmin type products? Let me know your thoughts.

Cap-xx (CPX)
New into the top most talked about is this company. Looking over the business they have lots of products in lots of different ventures. A unique technology based company for the ‘Internet of Things’ seems a unique proposition. Effectively replacing high drain batteries with a more energy efficient module or making them much more efficient is very much at the leading wave of the market. Seeing and identifying the market and then making the product for the industry ahead of time where do you see the potential of the company going forward? Will this year be the year that they break into a profit with their new recently released products. With the share price at recent highs is their enough news in the pipeline to sustain these levels? Is the market capitalisation too high for where the company currently stands? Thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Edenville Energy (EDL)
This last few weeks has seen the share price raise substantially since the announcement of their Trial mining commencing. With coal being stated as being able to be marketed and an agreement in place with the customers requirements already known. The update on their Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) looking good for completion after final consultation with local communities and stakeholders what does the longer term production hold for share holders? What are your future hopes for news flow? Your thoughts and comments are welcomed as always.

My thought of the week

Everyone this week has been commenting on the state of the markets. As we learn more about the Brexit process and as Donald Trump takes his turn in the Oval office are you worried about the stocks that you have picked? Are you holding cash to see if any unique opportunities come such as the housing market picked up by Steve Shares post Brexit announcement? Thoughts and comments are welcomed…

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What’s On Next…

Now teaming up with TipTv on a weekly basis is there any company that you like the look of?
Here is this weeks coverage of Whats On Next…

This week I covered our Innovation Cardiff Event on the 18 February.
here is the link for our Cardiff event 

Further details will be released under the #Hashtag of #STCardiff

and W Resources whose last presentation can be found here.
Let me know of what should be on next and I will see if it is worthy of being reported via this avenue of someone whom is seen as an industry leader of information and interviews.

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