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Steve Shares is here for everyone to have an equal voice over social media and not just within your individual discussion groups. The more readers that interact with this feature, the more news and thoughts can be known about your shares and their potential. Could your stock be a potential under the radar company that others could be interested in? Could it be a little unknown gem that you want to discuss or share a key piece of research on?

I provide a round up of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Steve shares issue7 saw a large volume of messages in regards to #AXM holders and #Steve Shares asked for a clarifying statement from the company on behalf of its investors. The clarifying statement was gratefully received by followers in Issue 8. With the wider messages of thanks for helping with the clarifying information, many have bought back in or topped up their share holdings and this saw the share price rise this week. Well done everyone for interacting with #Steve shares and taking action to help you help yourselves.

Whats hot? Whats not?

88 Energy (88e)

A bulletin board favourite of recent weeks saw discussion of the company’s board of directors visit to London. Dave Wall, Paul Basinski and Steve Staley met with shareholders and shared information about the company and their plans going forward and people have asked me to thank @Aberdeen_shares for setting up such a good event and for the team at @88EnergyLtd for attending, it just goes to show what a group of individuals can do to help others.

What are your hopes and expectations from the results to come in circa 6 weeks time? With the potential not to have any Joint Venture in place pre Icewine2 Spud do you think they will need to do a potential fund raise?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #st88e tag me in @slarratt1

Alexander Mining (AXM)

With Steve shares confirming that no future capital raises are due having contacted the company and with the broker also confirming this is the share price now a good entry for new investors? What future news flow are you expecting? Is now a good time to invest in or to trade Alexander Mining?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #staxm tag me in @slarratt1

Cluff Natural Resources (CLNR)

From the low point towards the end of august to recent highs share holders of Cluff Natural Resources have enjoyed rises over the last few weeks. The company announced that it identified prospects on its P2248 licence in the North Sea which could increase prospective resources estimates to about 3trn cubic feet of natural gas. Cluff Natural Resources expects to generate interest from companies operating in the region to attract farm out partners. In February the company extended its memorandum of understanding with Halliburton until February 2018 to accelerate the development of its assets. With target prices from brokers stating an 8p per share, what are your thoughts as to the forward movements in share price and what are your expected news, in relation to potential on going work?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #stclnr tag me in @slarratt1

Kibo Mining Plc (KIBO)

Kibo Mining Plc announced this week that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with General Electric International Inc. this is a major milestone in respect to developing the Mbeya Coal to Power Project. The MOU provides GE and its affiliate companies to supply the equipment and technology to the project. In addition to also exploring opportunities where it can assist Kibo in bringing the Project to a successful financial close. Kibo and GE are currently in discussions to set out the terms and conditions of their collaboration into a binding agreement.

With this major piece of news for shareholders is this the first in many projects that Kibo Mining have in the pipeline? Do the contracts and agreements have more potential upside in the current share price?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #stkibo tag me in @slarratt1

Ocado (OCDO)

Ocado claimed its best quarterly volume and financial growth in four years this week. Comments about the tough margin environment however seem to have put a dampener on the company. With sales growing 15.4% in the 12 weeks to 7 August, helped by 18.9% growth in average orders per week to 226,000, this being its best performance for five years. With earnings per share estimates have fallen to 0.89p from 1.2p. And why growing sales within the business why isn’t the share price acting accordingly? Do you think the group needs an overhaul in the way it approaches what is a crowded market place? Is now a good entry point for investors?

Your thoughts and comments please on #stocdo and tag me in @slarratt1

Sepura (SEPU)

On Wednesday Sepura PLC warned that earnings for its full financial year could be below expectations, it also announced that its chief executive is taking an extended period of absence.

The communications services provider said orders have been lower than expected in recent months due to delays, mostly through budgetary pressures which are extending product life cycles. In addition, key contract awards in its Systems business have also been delayed.

With the company stating that it will have a significant impact on full-year revenues, and potentially 60% lower than its previous expectations is now a good time to look towards investing after the drops in its share price over the last few months? Is the company now uninvestable due to these delays? With the CEO taking time away from Sepura do you trust the step in of the current Acting CEO Mr Smith?

Your thoughts and comments are welcomed on #stsepu and tag me in @slarratt1

My thoughts of the week

After multiple interactions with private investors over the last two months, since ‘Steve Shares’ has been in circulation, not many people contact company’s in regards to your investments to fill in any blanks. I would encourage individuals to do this as a matter of course so as you can establish facts as opposed to feelings or thoughts of others on social media. The last two weeks have seen a rise in share price based on facts with Alexander Mining.

With social media and group actions now changing the way in which we invest I feel there could be a shift towards groups spearheading the way forwards in regards to proper research of company’s they are investing within? Now being questioned openly by groups and not just individuals the company’s are under more scrutiny and are information hungry and are quick to ask Questions.

However, in regards to companies, groups and individuals and the way they act within the markets and via social media the Financial Conduct Authority (Fca) and other associated companies such as @actionfrauduk are taking action towards those who misrepresent any information or are spreading untruths. Since rules and regulations were changed in June 2016 we are seeing the first actions against those falling foul of the regulation changes filter through.

If anyone feels like any actions against your company have been misrepresented or false allegations have caused disruption or a fall or rise in share price or dealings with your company you can contact the Fca via these various methods Twitter @TheFca Their website under the contact section they have a live chat function. Call them on 08001116768 (free phone) or 03005008082 from the UK, or +44 2070661000 if you are abroad. They open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and also on Saturday’s 9am to 1pm.

Take action in regards to protecting your investments and trades, and together you can have a fair market to invest in.

Share Talk round up

This week on Conkers Corner

@conkers3 interviewed Andy Woolmer @NewchangeFX. With over 20 years background working in the sector with Kleinwort Benson, Citibank as VP for Foreign Exchange, Prudential Financial as Director of Currency Products, SEB Asset Management as a Portfolio Manager for the SEB Multi-Manager Currency Funds Andy decided to branch out on his own and that was when he founded New Change FX, the CEO and founder of the ground breaking financial technology company which enables you to measure your FX costs accurately by gathering data directly from the Institutional FX markets.

Listen now to gain insights into how Andy invests and learn from the lessons in his successful and insightful

Listen to the interview here

Interviews and updates

Ferrum Crescent

Share Talk presents an investors presentation to gain insight to the company.

Read the presentation here 

European Metal Holdings Ltd (EMH)

Share Talk interviewed the Managing Director and CEO Keith Coughlan. Keith covers the “Significant Capital Saving in Reviewed Scoping Study” He goes into detail as to what these pre-production capital cost savings mean for the Company’s Cinovec Lithium and Iron project. He also covers the forward looking markets that will use their products.

Listen to the interview here 

Anglo Asian Mining Plc (AAZ)

Share Talk presents Anglo Asian’s interim results for the six month period ended 30 June 2016 with the Group returning to profitability during the period and interviewed the CFO Bill Morgan and their director of geology, Stephen Westhead. Covering the turnaround strategies and implementations that have led to AAZ returning to profitability. Bill reiterates that this is because AAZ are very focused on keeping costs low, to support their long-term growth and profitability.

They cover the vast acreage that the Company is still exploring and progressing in the greater Gedabek area and what this means for the potential of the life and assets of the area for the business. Bill confirmed that shareholders should expect further news flow over the forthcoming months.

Read the interim reports here

Listen to the interview here

Greatland Gold (GGP)

Share Talk presents the update from Greatland gold on upcoming activities for its Warrentinna and Firetower gold projects in Tasmania, Australia.

See the update here 

Keras Resources Plc (KRS)

In this interview Share Talk spoke with Dave Reeves the Managing Director of Keras Resources Plc. Speaking in relation to the company’s long-term strategy to become a significant gold producer in Western Australia. Keras Resources released an RNS for the acquisition of the Klondyke Gold Project, consolidation of the Warrawoona Greenstone Belt and the financing related to this.

Dave goes into details about Keras’ intention to dual list on the ASX and the Board changes. He explains the reasoning behind this and what it means for Keras’s AIM listed shareholders.

Dave confirms that existing tribute mining operations are progressing well and that shareholders should expect further news flow over the forthcoming months.

Listen to the interview here

See the RNS here

Portfolio management part 1 of 2

Share Talk presents an article by @wheeliedealer on how to his musings into portfolio management.

Read the article here 

Share Talk presents ‘Share Views’ episode 7 ‘Uranium’

Zak Mir hosts ‘Share Views’ – London South East’s ( weekly Trader and Private Investor show. This week see’s Zak talk about the future potential of Uranium company’s.

Watch the interview here

Whats on next…

Thank you for your interactions as to what’s on next…

@DanCButler has mentioned #PREM has lots of news due.

@jonesejm has mentioned that a premium placing might be on the way in regards to #NLG and thinks that a joint venture might be on the way for #MKA

@wayne_lomax1 mentioned that #PROX looks good #TLOU could be another #SOU in the making. He has also acquired some #RHL.

@Multibagger_AIM mentioned a newly listed company #CPT which he believed is under the radar and is expecting news flow in due course and provided links and evidence of this. @markscott247 said that he has bought shares in #CPT as well and hopes for news soon.

@Faslam_aslam mentioned #TRP which has acreage close to #LEK which has a potential 1billion barrel potential and is talking to several Joint Venture partners.

Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #stwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for news…

Article written by @slarratt1

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