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I provide a roundup of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Thank you for messages in response to last weeks publication, ‘Whats on Next’ has been a hit with followers of Steve Shares with many asking for their most favorable looking stocks to be covered on TipTV, last week on TipTv I highlighted 88e as one to watch for next year see the interview here the company followed it up with some new this week, more on that shortly. Please keep those ideas and suggestions coming if there is more you feel we can be doing to help you and your investment journey…

If there is a share, event or person on social media that you would like to spread the news about or say thanks to let me know and I will cover these in the next publication of Steve Shares

Whats hot? Whats not?

A turbulent week again in the top stocks…

88 Energy (88e)

Still awaiting further news in reference to the remaining 50% potential oil in place, the share price started to move and volume increased and saw it hit the top of its recent trading range as news of a land purchase was announced this week. Showing where the sweet spot was for the unconventional oil was enlightening to some and I hope that the remaining piece of the bigger puzzle holds more potential oil in place. Hope are that an updated oil in place will be issued shortly as well as an update on items relating to the drilling of icewine2 any thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR)

The share price movement has made for interesting comments. News this week on a further joint venture deal with The Farmor (who has operations in over 20 countries and has a market capitalization in excess of $50 billion) This news was seen as a positive one and had people guessing at serious rises in the share price. With many aspects to the business going forward in both land assets and technology. What news will it take to get to peoples target prices? Thoughts and comments welcome.

CloudTag (CTAG)

Cloudtag late last week announced a suspension and this week news came out that did not bode well for holders. With the majority of comments and people expecting a major drop in share price when trading began there was a nice bounce back after trading resumed. With the RNS released came a sentence ‘Nemesis is not committed to make any sales under the agreement and there is no guarantee that the Distribution Agreement will lead to any sales’. Many people took this as a negative comment however it is still a potential avenue of revenue. Many holders now await the re branding and modelling of the products. Is the market cap too high with its current situation? I wish all holders good luck and hope for some good news in the new year. Let me know your thoughts.

Sepura (SEPU)

Holders and traders have awaited a takeover bid for several weeks now. This week they announced an offer. The Acquisition valued the entire share capital of Sepura at approximately £74 million or around 20 pence per share. My recent poll showed that people expected at least 50p as an offer for the telecommunications company. I hoped that a formal offer was put on the table that will reward holders. The board say that they would recommend agreeing to the terms of the offer. Are you going to vote yes or no? Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Bos Global Holdings (BOS)

New into the hot chat topics this week is Bos Global Holdings. Since the business was listed on the London Stock Exchange the Director has said that it will be as viral as Facebook. Time will tell if that is the case, but today they released as previously announced BOS-MEET. The company has a total of nine products supporting the BOS360 Work Patterns Platform and this is the first of those parts with release of the full system early next year. This last week many people have been asking the question between the imbalanced comment of ‘viral as Facebook’ against the news in reference to his Performance Activity ContracT. This PACT agreement is for 12 months from 1 January 2017; BOS PACT A Performance Bonus of AUD240,000 net of applicable taxes, payable on the Company achieving operating a breakeven on or before 15 December 2017 breakeven being defined as the Company achieving monthly revenue equal to or greater than its monthly operating expenses at the time of approval and payment of Mr. Travia’s Performance Bonus. One person said that if his company is using this product has he has highlighted in previous interviews and is software based how can he not achieve a breakeven? He can sit there for a year and breakeven. Surely the intention should be to actually make a profit. Your thoughts please.

My thought of the week

What do you see as the major stocks for next year? What are the sectors to watch I wish you all a happy Christmas and hope you have had a good year and have an even better 2017.

Share Talk round up – Interviews and updates

Conkers Corner this week @conkers3 interviewed the former Deutsche Bank, Liberum and Credit Suisse Oil and Gas Analyst @mundyrob Robert Mundy. This year Robert co-founded Research Tree, which provides Equity research, broker reports and media content to private and non-institutional investors, thus levelling the playing field with regards to access to the latest investment research.

During University, where Robert studied Physics, he “dabbled at a little bit” from share tips, which “turned out to be terrible investments”. Robert went on to work at Deutsche Bank in an Equity derivatives role. He went to London Business School to study for his MBA and was taught by amazing professors and teachers, including Luke Johnson of Risk Capital Partners, then Robert got serious about investing. He was also inspired by reading Warren Buffett letters, Joel Greenblatt and their methodology and strategies.

After completing his MBA in 2009, Robert went to work for Liberum the broker, as a Trader, then an Oil & Gas research analyst before leading the European Exploration and Production (E&P) coverage for Credit Suisse. Seven years after working with both companies Robert co-founded Research Tree, as an online research aggregator platform for private investors. To enable them to “make better informed investment decisions by having broad access to high quality research for the first time” listen now into a fasinating account here.

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What’s On Next…

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