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I provide a roundup of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Thank you for messages in response to last weeks publications. ‘Whats on Next’ has been a hit with followers of Steve Shares with many asking for their most favourable looking stocks to be covered on TipTv this week I talk about TRINITY 88E and Pathfinder Mineralswatch here or read the written information at the end of this article. Please keep those ideas and suggestions coming if there is more you feel we can be doing to help you and your investment journey…

If there is a share, event or person on social media that you would like to spread the news about or say thanks to let me know and I will cover these in the next publication of Steve Shares

Whats hot? Whats not?

This weeks top stocks…

88 Energy (88e)
At last we can say we have news as to the remaining 50% of the seismic data. Now with more potential oil in place there is an expected 3.6BN Barrels of Unconventional and 1.5BN barrels of Conventional oil in place. With the update on the licences of the drilling of Icewine2 now complete all that is left to derisk the area is to see if the oil in place flows. With the drill expected in March and any subsequent news due several months later on flow rate optimisation what are everyone’s thoughts going into this new year? As always any thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Kodal Minerals (KOD)
Kodal minerals covered last week by Steve shares and Share Talk continues to impress, well done to holders who have held during the drops even during news rich periods toward the end of last year. It seems the market has seen the potential finally and this is being realised against the share price. The company is expecting the full data back from its drilling program by the end of January to show the potential resource in place. This could be a potential Gem of a share to be invested in without mining gems! Last thing this Friday they released a ‘Speeding Ticket’ to slow the shareprice movement down… lets see what next week brings… What are your hopes and expectations in regards to the news, is this the next potential REM of the Lithium market? What are the longer term prospects for the company? Your comments are welcomed.

EVR Holdings (EVRH)
The creators of virtual reality content, announced that its subsidiary MelodyVR Ltd (‘MelodyVR’) have launched a beta version of its music platform last year and the share price has this week hit all time highs at 8.9p. With their MelodyVR beta programme being tested between the closed user groups I have this week looked into this market and can see a gap that is screaming to be filled by content such as that which EVRH is trying to offer. The question is with such big players in the market looking into this tech is this a company that can make a major impact into this market? What are the hopes of holders over the longer term? Let me know your thoughts.

Ascent Resources (AST)
Covered by Steve Shares last year the share price has settled this week, the delivering of gas only has ten weeks before they can be fully deemed a producer..With the news of the work over of the rig in place having been successful and more work underway where do you see the potential of the company going forward? With the shareprice at recent highs is being a producer enough to sustain these levels? Thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Zenith (ZEN)
This week has seen the return of Zenith to the Main Market listing on the 11th of January. The main focus of the company is the acquisition of a large onshore oil and gas fields in countries that offer strong asset protection and a business atmosphere conductive to stable and profitable production activities. With the assets in Italy covering half of the Market Cap of the company and Azerbaijan potential for work over of the rigs to conform with the lower priced oil market the company hopes to see a revaluation of the field. The Argentinian field at the moment seems to be the odd one out with not a lot of information on their website as to the goings on their. Were you involved with the IPO? What are your future hopes? Your thoughts and comments are welcomed as always.

My thought of the week

This week the news has been covering the National Health Service in respect to streamlining services and making cut backs to local smaller accident and emergency walk in centres. With hospitals stretched to breaking point and beds being full and patients being treated in corridors and one instance of a child receiving medical treatment between two waiting room chairs with no dignity. Is the government at a loss as to what the population is and what potentials there are for admissions in our hospitals? Is there no guideline or action plans to what happens when accident and emergency rooms get full? Every winter we hear of hospitals closing their doors to patients and this year is no different. The government is setting up more funding channels to aid but when will the cut backs of smaller services end? There seems to be a disconnect between the people at the top and the people on the ground. When will the disconnect end? With recent interviews and articles covered on various Pharma tech businesses #AMYT #MSYS and companies such as #BosGlobal when will there be a company to step in and take control and link the top to the bottom…?

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What’s On Next…

Now teaming up with TipTv on a weekly basis is there any company that you like the look of?
Here is this weeks coverage of Whats On Next…

Trinity’s revival, outlook for 88E and Pathfinder minerals – Share Talk

This week I covered Pathfinder Resources who’s write up is covered below.
Trinity has a full write up here.

I will endeavour to do a write up for 88e over the weekend for followers to see what my thoughts and position are after the recent update on the area and oil in place.

Pathfinder Minerals (PFP)
In late 2011 the company experienced the unlawful transfer of the licences for its assets and Pathfinder have been fighting for many years for there world class properties Naburi mineral sands lease and its Moebase licence which is an ex BHP Billiton property which has had circa $30m spent on it. Together these licences contain 2BT of mineral sands resources grading c 3.5% with patches over 9%.

The English High court has already ruled twice in Pathfinder’s favour. The most recent at the high court in London awarded Pathfinder £1.1m in legal costs.

The next step is for the Mozambique Supreme court to accept this ruling. Any Positive outcome would mean Pathfinder having its licences returned and Pathfinder shares responding very positively.

Pathfinder appointed Mr Mondlane Jr who has been providing strategic advisory services in Africa for 30 years.

Mr Mondlane Jr is assisting the Company in its ongoing dialogue with the Mozambique Government to restore control of the areas previously licensed to the Company under mining concessions 760C and 4623C following their appropriation in 2011 by Jacinto Veloso and Diogo Cavaco.

Potential value of assets.

The licences have considerable value, The stock was worth £85mn and the last placing of £11m was done at a £50m valuation post money 50p a share.

Shares currently trading at around 0.80p with a market cap of just over £1MN.

Let me know of what should be on next and I will see if it is worthy of being reported via this avenue of someone whom is seen as an industry leader of information and interviews.

Any questions please feel free to contact me on @slarratt1 or on 07963777475 or email

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