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19Mar 2017

12 Sectors Where Automation Will Strike Hardest Short Term

Machine learning is on the edge of revolutionizing those 12 sectors. Most leaders in those industries look at Machine Learning and see a non-stable, none viable technology in the short term. They are wrong. This will allow technological Entrepreneurs to disrupt them.

19Mar 2017

Would you bet on a rapid rise in the oil price? Glut of crude on the market makes picking individual stocks very risky

Glut: A pumpjack sits on the outskirts of Midland, Texas. In the US,  a 55% year-on-year jump in active rigs has driven production levels to record highs

Oil stocks took a knock this week as the price of the black stuff slipped to its lowest level since November.

Despite an agreement to cut production by 1.2m barrels a day by the oil cartel Opec being widely adhered to, supply is still outpacing demand.

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