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I provide a round up of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Steve Shares covered the potential of Aero Strat #AERO in issue #6 and yesterday the share price had a nice rise on the back of a nice piece of news, more on that shortly.

Steve shares issue 7 had Lots of interactions in reference Alexander Mining shares #AXM. @AfzalValli kindly showed screen shots from the company who had emailed him to confirm that no further funds were needed in the near future. After receiving several direct messages I sent out a tweet asking if holders would like a clarifying statement from the company to its share holders, this was met with an enthralling response to know what the company’s situation was. Thank you for over 100 interactions on twitter and the wider messages of thanks for helping spreading clarifying information. After interactions with Vicky at Alexander Mining and Mr Rosser kindly giving up his time whilst he was away on holiday there is official news from the company. More on this in this publication.

Whats hot? Whats not?

88 Energy (88e)

The company released an RNS this week but it was not the one that traders were hoping for. Instead of the 2\3D interpretation they announced that 88e now intends to drill vertically, rather than laterally for Icewine2. The most significant news though, was 88e would now be able to fully fund the well from its existing cash position. Interpretation of the 2D seismic data covering Project Icewine was progressing well thanks to the excellent quality of the data, however further interpretation and analysis was required to evaluate the exploration potential. News being several weeks away on this seems to have driven traders away.

What are your hopes and expectations from the results to come? What are your thoughts on the change of the drill type? With the potential not to have any Joint Venture in place pre Icewine2 Spud do you think they will need to do a potential fund raise?

With the visit with the board of directors to London this evening I wish all a good meeting.

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #lst88e tag me in @slarratt1


Aero Strat (AERO)

Covered in Steve Shares issue #6 with the status of the company being awarded operational capacity by the civil Aviation Authority it was all systems go. With contracts in place and now with backing from the governments Environment Agency could there be additional governmental contracts in place for this technology? Thursday this week saw Aero Strat win a £2.5million contract extension to aerially monitor the tidal flood defences of the Thames Estuary via its Aerial drones. The contract is expected to deliver roughly £1m in revenue to Strat Aero over the next 18 months. With the background details showing a ten year capital investment plan for the project could this be the first of many contracts to come? Are the management team already be looking into these or other projects?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #staero tag me in @slarratt1

Alexander Mining (AXM)

With Steve shares confirming that no future capital raises are due having contacted the company and the broker. The CEO Mr Rosser kindly contacted me directly whilst on holiday to confirm this and replied via email that this was the case. Thanks to Vicky and Mr Rosser at Alexander Mining for their interactions to help clarify the situation. With this information to hand is the share price now below your expectation? What future news flow is expected? Is now a good time to invest or trade Alexander Mining?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #staxm tag me in @slarratt1

Apple (APPL)

Apple is in the news for releasing its new Iphone7 this week with customers saying they don’t like the idea of non cable ear phones. With the release of their first Iphone in 2007 and leading the mobile phone technology sector over this time, sales of the new phones have slumped over recent releases. News from Europe over a tax bill for $13 Billion could become a public relations issue, and with Europe now closing down on Tax loopholes is this the end of rises for Apple? have we seen the peaks of the share price in 2015?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #lstappl tag me in @slarratt1

European Metals Holdings Limited (EMH)

Covered by Share Talk in July this week European Metals announced drill results on its Cinovec asset. This represents the first hole drilled in the main part of the lithium deposit where mineralization is at a shallower depth. The drill programme will continue targeting the shallowest parts of the main deposit. With several holes drilled already do you expect a good news flow now things are under way? With the program to confirm the near surface lithium and tin deposits and the conversion of resources from the Inferred to Indicated category, where do you see the company post drill results? Do you see value in Lithium plays? How does this compare to Jubilee Platinum #JLP covered by Steve Shares in August?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #stemh tag me in @slarratt1

Hurricane Energy Plc (HUR)

This week Hurricane Energy updated the market in regards to its drilling program in the Shetland Islands region. The update on the Lancaster Field has intersected a hydrocarbon column of at least 620m and is present within the basement, extending well below structuring closure and confirms the company’s reservoir model for the Lancaster field. With this extra intersection this would indicate an indicated resource in excess of the company’s 200m barrels target. With good quality oil with a natural flow rate of 6,000 barrels of oil per day and a maximum flow rate of 11,000 bopd this significantly de risks hurricane energy’s Acreage. With the next stage of operations involving drilling of a horizontal well. This is designed to provide a second production well and additional information to help plan the Lancaster field development.

With the rise today and weekend coverage talk is potentially of further rises up until a better interpretation of oil in place can be announced. With the exploration company looking to go into full production is now a good time to invest? What are your long term thoughts in regards to Hurricane Energy?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #sthur tag me in @slarratt1

My thoughts of the week

This week there has been a lot of talk around shareholder value in relation to companies activities. Three former senior directors at Tesco have been charged with fraud in relation to a £263m-plus accounting scandal at the supermarket chain. The former directors have all been charged with one count of ‘fraud by abuse of position’ and one count of ‘false accounting’. Should the markets now pay back monies to shareholders? Where is the protection for investors loosing their stakes in companies where others actions have been misleading? Why do most companies have discounted placings to the market and very few do them at current or at a premium to market price? Why issue warrants and notify holders before a placing about these so they can be forward sold? Do you trust the company’s you are in to give you value if they need to raise funds?

Share Talk round up

This week on Conkers Corner

@conkers3 interviewed Jonathan Curry @jpsc01 Jonathan is a Trained Accountant, Company Director, Angel Investor, Equity Investor, Blogger and Non Executive Director. Jonathan has been involved with investing since he was sixteen and has a degree in politics and is a qualified accountant. After going to University, where he successfully attained a Degree in Politics, he then trained and qualified as an Accountant. His additional knowledge as an Accountant has enabled him to better assess the accounts and assets of a company. Using research as a major part of his strategy listen to his account of how he invests in his holdings

Listen to the interviewed podcast here

Interviews and updates

Wheeling through the IPO minefield

Share Talk presents an article by @wheeliedealer on how to invest in ‘initial public offers’

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FinnAust Mining Plc (FAM)

In this interview Share Talk spoke with Roderick McIllree, CEO of Aim-listed FinnAust Mining Plc in relation to its acquisition of Avannaa Exploration, which provides FinnAust with two additional projects: Disko And Kangerluasuk

Roderick details what these projects mean for FinnAust and explains why the acquisitions were an opportunity too good to miss.

Listen to the interview here:

Share Talk presents ‘Share Views’ episode 6 gold and oil bulls

Zak Mir hosts ‘Share Views’ – London South East’s ( weekly Trader and Private Investor show. Angelos Damaskos, discusses the Gold-Oil ratio that he believes points to the potential risk of another financial crisis. Q&A with Andrew Bell, CEO of Regency Mines (RGM ) and Chairman of Red Rock Resources (RRR). The questions are posed by investors; gained from’s Chat Forums, Twitter, and e-mails.

Watch the interview here 

Whats on next week…

Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #stwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for this following week…

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