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Welcome to the feature from Share Talk. This is an interactive update on what’s happening over social media and the trending stocks that have made the news this week and why. We will also have a look at up and coming news and events in connection to your investments and holdings. I will also provide a round up of Share Talk activities this week.

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Trending this week

SABMiller (SAB)

As the value of the pound drops foreign companies see value in purchasing British companies. Last week was the turn of ARM Holdings this week SABMiller was the target. Early on this week AB InBev has made a final offer for the takeover of SABMiller of 4500p per share up from the previous offer of 4400p. This represents £79Billion and a partial offer for the shares. Later on the board has backed a new offer of £104billion for the company and will ask its shareholders to vote in favour of the takeover. This represents over 5000p per share a lot higher than the ‘final offer’ earlier this week.

Are you a holder? Do you see value in the takeover offer? Would you be happy with a different offer on the table? Let us know and comment via #lstsab (Lse Share Talk sab) and tag me in @slarratt1

Cloud TAG (CTAG)

In the earlier part of the week social Media was waiting with baited breath on news to come in relation to Cloudtag. Large purchase trades reported were adding fuel to those commentating. Mid week still the hopes and expectations were high as followers of the share were hoping to see their share price towards the years highs. Following the recent rises is it a good entry point for new investors? What are your hopes and expectations? What deal do you think will land first? What will be the potential outcomes? Let us know and comment via #lstctag (Lse Share Talk ctag) and tag me in @slarratt1

Lloyds (LLOY)

Lloyds released their first half yearly report this week and announced a dividend payment. This got a vast amount of people talking about what the best plan of action is going forward, after recent drops due to Brexit there was still uncertainty as to if the current share price represented value. The government previously bought their shares circa 75p during the bailouts so will want a return on that investment. With a profit of £4.2 billion and with the dividend starting, does this represent a good entry point over what has been a few difficult years for Lloyds? What is the potential downside versus the potential upside?

Your views and comments will be most welcome Let us know and comment via #lstlloy (Lse Share Talk Lloy) and tag me in @slarratt1

Sound Energy plc (SOU)

I covered sound energy on last weeks ‘Steve Shares’ and again it has continued to be a hot topic across social media, groups have been debating about the recent results from Sound Energy Plc and their projects in Morocco. The share price matched the sentiment in the stock and has hit new highs on Wednesday. On Friday several investors met with the management team in London and were in high spirits upon leaving the meeting where volume picked up and buys came flooding in and hit a 52 week high.

If you are invested or interested in SOU please comment via #lstsou tag me in @slarratt1 (Lse Share Talk sou) and let everyone know your thoughts on up and coming news and what your hopes and expectations are. What are your targets and time scales? Is it a long term hold for you or a traders paradise?

Forte Energy (FTE)

It has been a turbulent time for Forte Energy holders the shares have been suspended since last December until last week. A victim of the downturn in the mining sector their uranium assets have not attracted potential partners so have a potential deal in place to become a technology based company. What are you views hopes and aims with the new direction the company is heading towards? Let me us know at #lstfte ( Lse Share Talk Fte) tag me in @slarratt1

My thought of the week

I said about all of the doom and gloom last week surrounding the media, so it is nice to see lots of takeover offers coming into the UK from distant shores. Most of countries reported that in a post Brexit world that “we would fail.” With most of these offers on the table do you think that British interests are worth more than their current take over values?

Share Talk round up

This week on Conkers Corner

Monday this week, @conkers3 published his Conkers’ Corner interview with Nick Britton. Nick is currently the Head of Training at the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) where he leads the Trade Association’s Adviser training programme. Prior to this he held several media and journalism roles including that of Editor of What Investment magazine.
Have a listen and see if you can change your outlook with regards to your learning journey and your investment\trading strategy…

Listen to the interview here…

Interviews and updates

Ferrum Crescent LTD

Lse Share Talk interviewed Share Talk had an exclusive interview with Justin Tooth, Executive Chairman of Ferrum Crescent LTD #FCR

Justin Tooth explained about the one month extension on the Spanish acquisition option, This extra month is to help Ferrum Crescent get the correct and best terms in place in the final purchase documentation.

Listen to the interview here

Thor Mining

Lse Share Talk interviewed Mr Gervaise Heddle on his new appointment as a Non-Executive Director of Thor Mining PLC. Mr Heddle spoke about what the future holds and how the company will transform over the coming months.

Listen to the interview here

Metal Tiger

Lse Share Talk interviewed Michael McNeilly and Paul Johnson leading up to the Metal Tiger AGM being held on the 29th of July. They provide an update on Thailand, Botswana and Spain following on from the corporate update released on the 19th of July.

Listen to the interview here

Widecells group

Lse Share Talk interviewed Joao Andrade, CEO of WideCells Group with regards to their ground breaking IPO on the London Stock Exchange. In addition, to glean how with first mover advantage, the global stem cell services provider intends to enable affordable access to stem cell treatments globally. Joao also talks about the company’s CellPlan, the world’s first global stem cell healthcare plan.

Listen to the interview here

Keras Resources Plc

LSE Share Talk interviewed to Dave Reeves CEO, to get an overview of the past few months. Dave explains what lessons have been learnt and news to be expected in Q3 2016.

Listen to the interview here

Stellar Diamonds

Lse Share Talk interviewed Philip Knowles CFO of Stellar Diamonds (STEL). In this exclusive He expanded upon Stellar’s RNS regarding their proposed Joint Ventures in Guinea and Liberia with significant earn-in investment for development with Dubai based Citigate Commodities Trading.

Listen to the interview here

Interactive Hotspot

I have had several direct messages sent to me @slarratt1 asking what is the best RNS alert service to use for their holdings. Would you like to share your thoughts as to what is the best and why via #lstwh and tag me in @slarratt1

Whats on next week…

Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #lstwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for my following week…

Article written by @slarratt1

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