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I provide a round up of LSE Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Thank you for the great feedback and your interactions after the previous issue of Steve Shares.

I have had several messages from followers who have tried different RNS alert services over the last week and some have changed their provider including 1 user that said that awaiting for constant push messages was draining their data and battery usage. By changing to an email based provider and setting up a different alert tone under ‘vip’ he can now be alerted whilst using his normal usage of data and save his battery life as well.

I had several replies about my thought of the week about being away on holiday in the past and didn’t switch off from their investments. Upon asking them “Does this mean you aren’t comfortable with your choices, or do you just like seeing the RNS land?” There was a split in difference of opinion. However 1 person said he always sells his investments before going away as he likes to properly switch off and is worth the costs incurred in doing so.

Whats hot? Whats not?

William Hill (WMH)

As reported in last weeks ‘Steve Shares’ Rank and 888 submitted a formal bid for bookmaker William hill. With the deal just above their current value and with William Hill in the process of dealing with their internal makeover of their online processes, it was rejected.

With the makeover under way and other companies interested in the brand, do you see value in investing in the company at present? With the low offer rejected do you see another offer?

Your thoughts and comments please on #lstwmh and tag me in @slarratt1

BHP Billiton (BLT)

BHP Billiton declared a final dividend of 14 cents per share this week, which was 77% lower than the previous year’s 62 cents. Due to the companies loss of $6.4bn from a profit of $1.91bn last year. This is due to the dam disaster in Brazil and the down turn in commodity prices. This brought the full year dividend to 30 cents per share, which is down 76% from last years.

With these being one off issues on paper could this company be ready for a nice bounce with recent rises in commodity prices? With the dividend payment in force is this a good company to invest in
to get potential exposure to the mining sector?

Thoughts and comments please on #lstblt and tag me in @slarratt1

88 Energy (88e)

In the run up to the results of the 2 and 3 dimensional interpretation 88e is still a hot topic on social media. This week whilst we await news I am running an interactive poll on who can guess the amount of conventional in place.

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #lst88e tag me in @slarratt1

Ascent Resources (AST)

It has been a turbulent time for holders of Ascent Resources over the last few months, from permits not being granted to funding having been done and a different route to market being processed. Despite the delays in achieving the formal sign off, the Company expects to produce gas early next year. The GM to pass the resolutions for the new direction to market to be agreed by way of the acquisition of the pipeline is early next week.

What do you expect to happen? A few industry players may be keeping an eye on proceedings with a view on getting on board for what could be a few $mn a month in sales in a short time frame?

Let us know and comment via #lstast and tag me in @slarratt1

W Resources (WRES)

W resources based in Spain and Portugal is producing an almost forgotten material in the up and coming resources sector. They produce Tungsten which has a wide variety of uses as well as gold, copper and tin resources. This week has seen ups and downs in the share price, firstly reporting that financing and off-take arrangements for the start-up of the La Parrilla FTM mine had been secured on favourable terms with upside potential on work overs of equipment to gain more profit on production expenditure. Sentiment on the bulletin boards was high and talk was of the deal in place meaning an advancement of the production of the asset. The day after came the news of a placement of shares, this saw the share price fall and talk was about the discount to the current share price.

With the company’s production under way is this the start of the recovery phase for the company’s share price? What are your hopes for the company going forward? With the deal now in place is now a good time to invest? please comment via #lstwres tag me in @slarratt1

Jubilee Platinum (JLP)

Jubilee platinum announced a positive update this week stating key elements have been met and surpassed. Increased production month to month, The enriched platinum material stock pile continues to grow and are progressing options to turn the stockpile into cash, construction is on schedule and on budget. This is a rarity on any start up mining company.

The company is looking into toll processing as an alternative to building its own on site processing plant. The Company’s engineers are completing an operational readiness audit of a platinum recovery plant to establish required working capital and time lines. A full scale trial of the enriched platinum material as a final test to confirm modelled financials are also being scheduled and will be concluded shortly.

If the option study proves successful there will be no need to build a dedicated plant on site and revenues will be received at least one year earlier.

Is this company too good to be true? Why no movement in the share price for each milestone hit? With the news flow to come is now a good time to invest or trade Jubilee Platinum?

Please comment via #lstjlp tag me in @slarratt1

My thought of the week

This last week has seen several key news pieces come to light. I have previously reported that the media reports of doom and gloom post Brexit were causing sentiment issues in the markets and questioned their reports. This week saw the facts released and a rally to sentiment returning and the markets acted accordingly.

UK retail sales smashes expectations post-Brexit

UK retail sales rose 1.4% in July, expectations were only a .2 % rise.
The figures represent the first official economic data to shed light on how consumer confidence has fared since the Brexit vote. It seems business as usual on many fronts the ftse indexes have continued to rise, businesses are continuing to beat sales forecasts. So why the doom and gloom?

This week the pound has risen off the back of the news as investors cheered the full economic data, which included inflation, and the retail sales data.

Price of Oil

The world’s biggest oil producers prepared to discuss a possible output freeze at next month’s Opec meeting on 26th September in an attempt to curb the global supply glut.

With Brent crude again trading upwards of $50 a-barrel, after a recent consolidation around the low $40’s the producing countries must see value in stabilising output and thus the price of oil over the long term.

Tax Avoidance

This week saw @conkers3 pass over this link this sees the news that things might be looking up for those that feel aggrieved at the tax dodging loopholes. Does this mean that the loopholes are about to be closed for a level playing field? I certainly hope so.

Share Talk round up

This week on Conkers Corner

@conkers3 published his Conkers’ Corner interview with Reg Hoare, who is Managing Director at MHP Financial. Reg has over 30 years of City experience, from completing a one year apprenticeship at Laurie Milbank in 1983 he was taken on as a salesman. Today Reg has a comprehensive cv including positions at SG Warburg, Nomura and Smithfield Consultants.

Reg is also a Board member of the Investors Relations Society.

Listen now to gain insights into how Reg invests and learn from the lessons in his investing journey.

Interviews and updates

Mining Maven Podcast No 42 With Ortac Resources Chairman Anthony Balme and CEO Vassilios Carellas

Lse Share Talk presents Mining Mavens podcast. On the podcast are Ortac Resources Chairman Anthony Balme and CEO Vassilios Carellas. Their project is Sturec in Slovakia with a JORC compliant Gold equivalent resource of 1.32 Moz, with 1,1Moz in the Measured & Indicated category. The project has had a positive Preliminary Feasibility Study in place, so altogether its quite advanced. The company also has investments in Eritrea, Zambia and DRC.

Listen to the podcast here

Greatland Gold

LSE Share Talk interviewed Gervaise Heddle who is the Executive Director of Greatland Gold and also the Non-Executive Director of Thor Mining (THR). This was in relation to both companies interesting news released on their assets at Bromus and Molyhill.
Listen to the interview here

London South East’s Share Views – episode 3 – Mining and Metals
Lse Share Talk presents The second episode of London South East’s ( new TV Show for Traders and Investors. This features discussions about Mining and Metals with Charles Gibson

Listen to the interview here

My Investment Journey Part 5: by Stock Whittler (@dosh100)

This is the fifth part of an investment journey of someone that has been through the ups and downs of the stock markets, gain an insight as to the longer game of investing.

Read the interview here

St Brides Weekly News 13-08-2016

LSE Share Talk presents St Brides Weekly news.

Read here

MiningMaven Podcast No 38 with Greatland Gold, Directors Callum Baxter and Gervaise Heddle

Lse Share Talk presents Mining Mavens podcast. On the podcast are Greatland Gold Directors Callum Baxter and Gervaise Heddle.

Greatland Gold released news to market on Tuesday 9th August that planning has commenced for a comprehensive drilling programme at the companies Ernest Giles gold project in Central Western Australia; the region is home to several successful exploration discoveries such as Tropicana, which contains over 7 million ounces, and Yamarna, with over 6 million ounces.

Callum and Gervaise discuss their aims and expectations from this forthcoming campaign and the Callum gives us a good overview of the region. Essential listing for all Greatland Gold investors!

Listen to the podcast here

Whats on next week…

Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #lstwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for the following week…

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