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Learning and Investing

27Aug 2016

My Investment Journey Part 7: Years 2013-16 by Stock Whittler (@dosh100)

The year of 2013 was very productive with a staggering performance of the FTSE 250 with many companies, about a dozen as I recall, increasing in value by over 100% and another 30 increasing by some 50%. The FTSE 250 appreciated by some 26%; indeed only about 12% of the FTSE 250 declined in value during that sweet year. How good was 2013 when compared to other recent years? Well, maybe the best way to answer that is to take a look at the wider indices the FTSE All Share which itself gained 17% in 2013 whilst only one of the bracketing years of 2011, 12 & 2014, 15 gave a positive return. So where does this lead us? Well to my view it just shows that the majority of the time we exist in a stock picker’s market. Yes, we can be risk averse and just simply go for an index tracker route or as I do, invest via the stock picking route. For myself, stock picking by and large has been for the best part of the last twenty years based on screening stocks (or may I say whittling) down the total universe of shares to come up with a relatively small number of shares for more in-depth investigation.

21Aug 2016

London South East’s Share Views – Episode 4


The fourth episode of London South East’s (lse.co.uk) excellent new TV Show for Traders and Investors’ : Share Views’.

Scott Grant, Director of London South East, and Chris Bailey, Founder of Financial Orbit, are interviewed by Zak Mir for ‘Share Views’ – London South East’s (www.lse.co.uk) weekly Trader and Private Investor show.

Scott introduces the ‘QuickPicks’ Tools and Share Trading facility provided via www.lse.co.uk, Chris then discusses Mid and Large Cap shares of interest, including Companies reporting this week, Volatile ‘Brexit’ plays  and the FTSE250 outlook.

20Aug 2016

My Investment Journey Part 6: to 2012 Post Financial Crisis by Stock Whittler (@dosh100)

Businessman at Fork in the Road

The recovery of the FTSE 100 from its March 2009 low of 3500 continued at a reasonable pace reaching 5800 in April 2010 a fairly remarkable increase of 63% in the major indices in little over a year. Some sectors were just going phenomenally well and in particular, house builders were simply rocketing. The likes of Barratt Developments, Taylor Wimpy that had seen a 95% fall in its value over the financial crisis had regained a significant portion of their loss but were still some 80% down from their pre-financial crisis share price; a real measure of the rout that had occurred in some sectors. I wish I had invested in more house builders at the time but unfortunately had only invested in one, the partly bombed out AIM listed Telford homes in 2009 which were doing well enough over this period and in the construction sector another love-hate stock Costain. Is it not strange that somehow we all have a share or so in our portfolio who’s figures and outlook say the right things yet continually frustrate and disappoint in terms of stock price appreciation. Yet we have that almost certain knowledge that should we sell the stock it will immediately appreciate in value.

17Aug 2016

Safe AIM Stocks 4 – AIM IHT Portfolio Construction

AIM IHT Portfolio

Today we’re going to choose our final 50 stocks to make up our AIM IHT Portfolio.


Two weeks ago, we went through magazine articles and reports from asset managers who provided inheritance tax (IHT) products to identify 44 AIM stocks that will qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR).

Last week we looked at the AIM 100 to identify another 36 stocks that qualify.

Today we’re going to whittle that list of 80 down to a final portfolio of 50 stocks.

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