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Learning and Investing

5Jan 2017

The Psychology of the TopChop – Part 3 of 3

This is Part 3 in the Series – if you have not read the first 2 parts, I recommend you go right to the bottom of this Blog and you will find links to them – read those first or it probably won’t make a whole load of sense (ok, I will concede that it might not make much sense even after that !!)

3Jan 2017

10 Behaviours I can improve in 2017.


I think it is worth , regularly considering your actions and whether they are helping or hindering your progress.  As such here are 10 behaviours that I will be looking to improve over the next few months.

That said many of these are areas I have been working on for some time – It is a journey not a destination.

1Jan 2017

Step by Step: How Elon Musk Built His Empire (by Anna Vital)


In a hundred years, when most people reading this and the person writing this are long gone, Musk’s cars and rockets will still be circling the Earth and the skies. How can such a person get started against all odds is the question I ask here. And, more importantly, what can we learn from him?

30Dec 2016

The Psychology of the TopChop – Part 2 of 3


The Psychology behind the ‘No Maximum Size’ approach
Right, now we are finally onto the nitty gritty of the Blog Series – sorry it has taken so long but I felt a strong need to set the scene in Part 1 and make sure Readers had a decent understanding of what the Techniques practically meant before we plough on with the Psychology and Thought Processes lying behind them. If you have not read Part 1 yet, I suggest you read that first as this one may not make a whole load of sense otherwise. 

14Dec 2016

The Bells are Jingling – A look at Indexes, Oil, Gold, Forex

We are coming to the end of November and it is pretty clear the Xmas Bells are ringing loud and clear – my local radio station is beating out the painful Xmas ‘hits’, TV Ads are in full swing and the weather has certainly got that Xmas nippy feel to it. December is normally the strongest month of the year although the ‘Santa Rally’ tends to happen right at the end and often in the gap between Xmas and New Year – but the trend is very strong and I am happy to be going into this final month of 2016 with only a small Short Position on the FTSE100 which if we get a pullback in the early days of December I would be quite happy to close out.

29Nov 2016

Making Money: Jim Mellon

Jim Mellon


In our new series, Making Money, we’ll talk to entrepreneurs, business leaders and celebrities about how they made their fortunes. In the first of our Q&As, we catch up with one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, and prophet of the financial markets: Jim Mellon.

A Sunday Times Rich List stalwart, Mellon is well known for his views on ‘disruptive technology’, and opportunities in bioscience which he sees as being the winning investment sector of the future. In this interview he reveals his earliest financial ambitions, how his background shaped his attitudes and led him on the road to being a multi-millionaire. The entrepreneur also offers clear advice as to how we can all emulate his success.

22Nov 2016

Share Views – Ep.17 – Get ahead; Access to AIM-listed companies at a discount




Zac Mir speaks with Tom Britton, Co-founder and CTO and Tom Hinton, Head of capital markets SyndicateRoom

Investor-led UK investment platform and member of the London Stock Exchange,  SyndicateRoom is authorised and regulated by the FCA. Investing in equities involves high risk.

From idea to IPO – the only platform that lets you invest with the professionals from start to finish.
As a SyndicateRoom member you have access to everything from private seed rounds to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), with SEIS, EIS, growth and pre-IPO rounds available on the private side of things, and share placings on the public – all through a single open and transparent platform.

15Nov 2016

What are you doing on Saturday, 26th November 2016

Well… the answer should be that you’re coming to Share Talk’s
Investor’s Evening 


Sponsor  Beaufort Securities


Share Talk will have Kolar Gold (KGLD), Metal Tiger (MTR), Regency Mines (RGM), and Mkango Resources (MKA) presenting on the night.

99579470-8196-11e6-bad2-8d4712fb8b1c_img_headshot Event Compere/MC  Zak Mir 

Before we you listen to the podcast, here is a little look behind the curtain and how is all started back in the day!

Share Talk went live on the eve of the Golden Bears Investor Show on the 25th November 2015. We never gave it any thought, how to collect content or how we would pay to host the site, hotel or even travelling costs. To be honest it was going to be a hobby website to share content with people to read and do research.


12Nov 2016

Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts – part three by Diana E Patterson



Resilience is a significant factor for the sector has a whole.  Although there is a large amount of security of income from the contracted income from the leases of standing investment properties held by the REITs, at any one time most of them are exposed to some developments of substantial refurbishments.  If these do not find ready tenants, at viable rents, before or on completion, the empty properties can be a significant drain on capital and performance.

In addition, in down-turns or recessions, companies fail, causing a loss of rental income and generating vacant space at the worst time.  Even outside these periods, business cost-cutting can mean tenants vacate properties as leases expire, which may then need refurbishment before re-lettings can be achieved. 

8Nov 2016

What is waiting for you on the AIM Market today


A hatchling marine iguana stands perilously close to a hunting Galapagos racer snake

If you haven’t already seen this amazing clip from the series of Planet Earth you should. It will give you an idea of what is waiting for you when invest in the Alternative Investment Market.

You are entering a market that is geared up statically for you to lose 90% of your investment in the first year. It’s a ruthless place, make no mistake about it. Money changes people and this is a race that only the fittest will survive.

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