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23Jul 2017

New #Grassroots feature: Surprised Trader Interview

The Rum Trader (@TheRumTraderLSE) quizzes Steve (@surprised_trade) about his trading style and what pitfalls there can be when investing in AIM. A great insight into the market mechanics behind scenes to your every day investor.
Know the game!


6Jul 2017

The little Welsh start-up that’s hoping to take on the big energy companies


In Wales we spend around £1.4 billion every year on our energy bills and all that money leaves the country. But of the 50 or so energy suppliers in the UK that you can choose to buy your electricity and gas from, none are based in Wales (SWALEC is owned by SSE), or focussed on Welsh consumers.

So we decided to start our own energy supply company for Wales and now we’re proud to  offer you a new alternative energy supplier – One Wales Energy-Un Ynni Cymru,  the only supplier based in Wales.