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24May 2016

Are Altcoins Bitcoin’s Friends or Enemies?

Altcoins have a long tradition in the Bitcoin community, but they tend to cause a contentious divide among those who think they’re useful and those who think they’re all scams. One side of the argument, articulated by theSatoshi Nakamoto Institute’s Daniel Krawisz, is that altcoins have no chance of success and distract possible users from Bitcoin, while the other side, articulated by many Ethereum supporters, believe platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can work together.Johnny Dilley, who runs strategy at Blockstream, was recently asked for his thoughts on altcoins during an interview on The Crypto Show. Dilley believes the vast majority of altcoins are scams, and he also thinks Bitcoin developers are not threatened by the existence of these alternative cryptocurrencies. The incentive for altcoin speculators to promote uncertainty in the Bitcoin community was also discussed.
21May 2016

BIP 75 Simplifies Bitcoin Wallets for the Everyday User

Although Bitcoin is more than 7 years old, making payments on the network is still a rather cumbersome task. With a user interface that requires users to send money to long strings of letters and numbers rather than human-readable names, it’s no wonder that many individuals have a hard time figuring out how to use this new financial technology.

BIP 70 (Payment Protocol), which was authored by Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist Gavin Andresen and former Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn, has been a step in the right direction, but the relatively new BIP 75, which was co-authored by developers from Netki (Justin Newton and Matt David) andBreadwallet (Aaron Voisine and James MacWhyte), takes the main ideas in BIP 70 one step further.

17May 2016

YouTube Stars Can Earn More Revenue With Bitcoin Micropayments

Micropayments have been touted as one of Bitcoin’s main use cases since the early days of the technology, and a recent trial of the Bitcoin-powered content platform PopChest by YouTube Star NurdRage indicates that these claims may not be overblown.

NurdRage has been testing out various alternative content monetization schemes lately, and a test of PopChest generated a 400 percent increase in revenue for the science-focused YouTube channel.

5May 2016

Accounting and accounts: Episode 1


Full disclosure up front – I am a qualified Chartered Accountant. Still a member of the ICAEW.  As such I think there is a story in most set of accounts and this story can be read and understood by a rational reader.

24Apr 2016



McCormick & Company $MKC recently walked away from making an offer for Premier Foods sending PFD:LSE shares down >26%.  Whilst PFD is not a stock I hold today’s news prompted this article.

23Mar 2016

Strategy – Are you a Trader or an Investor

Strategy - Are you a Trader or Investor

There are a lot of labels in investing.  I spent part of yesterday listening to a 4 person panel of “value” investors in which one “deep value” investor spent a chunk of time suggesting that none of the others were in his opinion really value investors. This did not sit well with the other members of the panel.

8Mar 2016

How many Stocks should an Investor hold?

Share Talk exclusive director interviews

This is a subject that seems to crop up on Twitter discussions at least once a week. I figured that if I do a detailed Blog on the issues, then I can send out a link every time someone asks me the same question as I have responded to 300 times before !!

Don’t take that seriously. I am always very willing to take questions from people and it actually helps everybody because lots of ideas and approaches come out in our discussions and many, many Readers and Twitter People have exactly the same issues. So please keep the questions coming and I promise I will not just send you a link to this Blog !!

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