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8Mar 2016

How many Stocks should an Investor hold?

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This is a subject that seems to crop up on Twitter discussions at least once a week. I figured that if I do a detailed Blog on the issues, then I can send out a link every time someone asks me the same question as I have responded to 300 times before !!

Don’t take that seriously. I am always very willing to take questions from people and it actually helps everybody because lots of ideas and approaches come out in our discussions and many, many Readers and Twitter People have exactly the same issues. So please keep the questions coming and I promise I will not just send you a link to this Blog !!

26Feb 2016

Averaging Down the Investors Dilemma


@conkers3 and @wheeliedealer have decided to combine their investing experiences to write this article. We hope that it helps all readers that find themselves faced with the investing dilemma of whether to average down.

Year to date Private Investors, Institutional Investors and Fund Managers have all been shell shocked by the volatility and the worse yearly start to Financial Markets since the onset of the Great Depression. This has left many investors scratching their heads. Should they reduce equity exposure, go to all cash and wait for the markets to stabilise or should they average down into those holdings that have declined?

6Feb 2016

Social Media Today

The Kodak Paradox

Are companies, PR, Brokers, markets underestimating the power of today’s investors?

Are today’s financial industry players paying attention to the revolution that is ongoing across the social landscape today?  Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Viber to name a few, are the powerful tools of today that privateers are using on a daily basis to communicate in public and private.

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