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20Jun 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Annabel Brodie-Smith


Welcome to SHARE TALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @annabelbrodies Annabel Brodie-Smith. Annabel is the Communications Director of the Association of Investment Companies (AIC)  http://www.theaic.co.uk/representing Investment Trusts and Venture Capital Trusts. These Trusts are currently valued at nearly £165 Billion, most of which are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

16Jun 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Nicolas Marx


Welcome to the 12th SHARE TALK CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @marxnd Nicolas Marx.

After completing his Apprenticeship in the Hospitality Industry, Nicolas went onto study at Hotel School in Germany. It was during this time that he became curious as to where those in Hotel investing and Operations got their funding. His curiosity led him into the Investment Industry firstly with Merrill Lynch in Commodities trading & Retail Brokerage. Then with Credit Suisse (First Boston) in their Mergers and Acquisitions Team and Private Equity specialising in the Real Estate and Hospitality Sector.

13Jun 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Mark Bentley


Welcome to the 11th SHARE TALK CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @marben100 Mark Bentley.

Mark’s career started in the IT industry with Logica in 1980, where one of the notable projects he worked on was the Giotto Halley’s Comet intercept mission for the European Space Agency. In 1984, Mark took his first tentative step into investing. He admits that his initial investment approach, was one of an undisciplined approach where he did not give his strategy a great deal of thought. Although as he points out, his Tech background influenced him not to invest in any Tech companies during the tech boom and safeguarded him from the Dot-com bust!

9Jun 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with David Jones

Welcome to the 10th SHARE TALK CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @JonesTheMarkets David Jones.

David has been a Technical Analyst for almost 20 years and has seen Technical Analysis move from – in the early days at least – something of a dark art, to a very mainstream way of trying to forecast markets. When it comes to short-term trading of FOREX, INDICES and COMMODITIES it is probably the most widely used approach, particularly among individual retail traders.

6Jun 2016

Conkers Corner speaking with Malcolm Palle 06/06/2016


Welcome to the 9th SHARE TALK CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @malcolmpalle Malcolm Palle

Malcolm’s career started in the Travel and Leisure sector as a Tour Guide in Eastern Europe and he is now a serial entrepreneur and shrewd private investor.

He admittedly had “no strategy” in the 1980’s and learnt a lot of expensive lessons, especially during the 1987 crash. One of Malcolm’s favourite maxims is “Markets are only really there for two things, to make you money or to teach you a lesson”.

2Jun 2016

Conkers Corner speaking with Roz Sherali 02/06/2016

Welcome to the 8th SHARE TALK CONKERS’ CORNER. I have the pleasure of speaking with Roz Sherali @aim_trading or Roz as everyone knows her on Twitter.

Roz’s first interest in stocks and shares evolved from the Conservative government’s de-nationalisation policy of utilities and services. She participated in some the privatisations in the early 1990s, including that of Scottish Power.

Roz is an ex-Investment Banker and has worked for both Deutsche Bank & JP Morgan.

30May 2016

Conkers Corner speaking with John Rosier 30/05/2016

Welcome to the 7th SHARE TALK CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @johnrosier / John Rosier.

In June 1984, John left university with a degree in Zoology and started work in The City of London. He enjoyed the first 14 years of his career at Fleming Investment Management, initially as an analyst and then as a UK portfolio manager; in 1997 he was appointed Head of UK Equities. He was a Director at Henderson Global Investors from 1998 until 2004, before moving to the West End and working for two hedge funds. His investment career at Flemings and Henderson was focused on managing UK equity portfolios for corporate and local authority final salary defined benefit pension schemes as well as the reserve fund for the NSPCC.

25May 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Matthew Bird

Welcome to the 6th SHARE TALK CONKERS’ CORNER. In this podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with Matthew Bird@mattbird55 on Twitter.

Matthew’s interest in stocks and shares started when his Dad gave him some Jim Slater investing books in his mid teens. By his late teens he had started investing in stocks within his Dad’s trading account. With a degree in economics and qualified in regulated financial planning to Diploma level, Matt currently specialises in pensions, investments, mortgages and protection advice.

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