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19Sep 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Paul Kavanagh


Welcome to the 27th SHARETALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on the 5th August 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @PaulJKavanagh1 Paul Kavanagh the CEO and founder of Patronus Partner: a discerning, accessible investment management and stockbroking service that provides a comprehensive approach to investment management.

Paul grew up in Shenfield in Essex where, as a young boy doing his paper round he shrewdly noticed, “big houses took the Financial Times”. This married to his love of maths led to him being very keen to leave school without even pursuing A levels, which he was more than capable of doing. He instead took an opportunistic leap into the City of London as a sixteen year old, taking his first job with Extel Financial (EXTEL), where he started off with administration tasks. However within eight months Paul alongside colleagues in the U.S, were tasked with building a Mergers & Acquisitions (MNA) database. Having successfully put the database together his bosses tasked the then eighteen year old Paul, with selling the database and service to all the major institutions in the City of London. This led to Paul holding meetings with all the major partners in the City in the late 80’s and early 90’s. To put this into context, it would be the equivalent of a teenager holding court with a combination of the today’s Anthony Bolton, Neil Woodford and Gervais Williams and many others, on a daily basis!

13Sep 2016

“Conkers’s Corner” speaking with Andy Woolmer


Welcome to the 26th SHARETALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on the 5th August 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @NewchangeFX Andy Woolmer the CEO and founder of the groundbreaking financial technology company New Change FX (NCFX), which provides an independent live streaming mid-rate for foreign exchange.

Andy grew up in Gloucestershire and went onto King’s College London where he studied French and German.  It was during his studies that Andy first gained an interest in investing and FX. He first began investing with a long-term view by making investments into funds for his pension in the 1990’s. He has always been a conservative investor and continues to be so.

5Sep 2016

Conkers’ Corner speaking with Jonathan Curry


Welcome to the 25th SHARETALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on the 14th July 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @jpsc01 Jonathan Curry who is a Trained Accountant, Company Director, Angel Investor, Equity Investor, Blogger and Non Executive Director.

Jonathan started investing when he was around sixteen years of age. He had been educated on the merits of investing by his Dad, who bought and sold shares. He remembers fondly his Dad explaining to him, “Shares are one of the few ways you can get rich by someone else doing all the work”. With the little spare money that he had as a teenager, he made his first investments in the Investment Trust sector.

After going to University, where he successfully attained a Degree in Politics, he then trained and qualified as an Accountant. His additional knowledge as an Accountant has enabled him to better assess the accounts and assets of a company. He is a great believer in thoroughly reading company RNS’s and also comparing them to previous RNS’s released by that company. This enables Jonathan to notice any red flags that many others might have overlooked. It also enables Jonathan to be comfortable with his selections until he decides that they have reached full value. He also does all this without spending too much time in front of his computer screens.

22Aug 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Zak Mir (Recorded 9th of July 2016)


Welcome to the 24th SHARE TALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on 9th July 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with the freelance Technical Analyst, Presenter and Host @ZaksTradersCafe Zak Mir.

The son of Doctors, Zak grew up in North West London and went to Harrow School in the 1980’s. After that he briefly attended London School of Economics. Zak did not find this to his liking and after less than two months, his passion for stocks and investing lead him pursue a job with a Stockbroker in Mayfair. Even back in the 1980’s, Zak had a great interest in SmallCap and AIM stocks (then known as the Unlisted Securities Market). He made his first investment in stocks in the late 1980’s and in the early 1990’s he tried being a Derivatives Broker.

15Aug 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Reg Hoare


Welcome to the 23rd SHARE TALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on 8th July 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @RegHoare Reg Hoare, who is a Managing Director at MHP Financial.

As the son of a farmer Reg did not have the opportunity to follow his Dad into the family business as it had not gone so well. He instead went off to Bristol University, where he successfully completed his Degree in Politics which had a big segment in Economics. The City which had been an “alien place” to Reg prior to his studies, now as a graduate seemed “like the logical place to go”. Therefore Reg  applied for Graduate Trainee Opportunities in the City and was successful in gaining a position with Laurie Milbank a Stockbroking Partnership firm in 1983.

8Aug 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Phil Oakley


Welcome to the 22nd SHARE TALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on 8th July 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @PhilJOakley Phil Oakley, who is an Investment analyst at ShareScope.

Phil never envisaged a career in the Investment industry, however his love for numbers and Economics led to him doing a couple of Degrees. After he graduated with a MSc in International Banking, Economics & Finance from Liverpool Business School in 1996, Phil went to work for BWD Rensburg, a Liverpool based investment manager. In 2001, he joined ABN AMRO as a transport analyst. After a brief spell as a food retail analyst, he spent five years with ABN’s very successful UK Smaller Companies team where he covered engineering, transport and support services stocks.

1Aug 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Edmund Shing


Welcome to the 21st SHARE TALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @TheIdleInvestor Edmund Shing, who is BNP Paribas’ Head of Equity Derivative Strategy.

In addition to his main role at BNP Paribas, Edmund writes weekly articles for the IBT Times UK, as well as being an expert columnist on the MindfulMoney website and on the Stockopedia financial website. He is also a highly sought after investment expert and you can regularly see him appearing on programs including Bloomberg Markets, CNBC’s “Closing Bell” and Bloomberg “The Pulse”. You can find some of Edmund’s recent appearances here: https://plus.google.com/+EdmundShing

25Jul 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Nick Britton


Welcome to the 20th SHARE TALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @NickBritton_  Nick Britton, the Head of Training at the Association of Investment Companies (AIC). Nick leads the trade association’s Adviser training programme.

After reading English at Cambridge University,  Nick began his career in journalism in Shanghai, China, before spending time as a freelance editor in Australia. He joined Vitesse Media in 2007, where he edited GrowthBusiness.co.uk and Business XL magazine, before becoming Head of Research and then Managing Editor in 2010. Nick then spent a year as Head of Research and Editorial at Fast Track, before re-joining Vitesse Media as Editor of What Investment magazine. He then joined AIC http://www.theaic.co.uk/ in his present role in February 2015.

18Jul 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Catherine Stott

Welcome to the 19th Share Talk’S CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @HypnoTrading Catherine Stott a Trading Psychology coach and expert, Mind coach and Author of the book “HynoTrading”.

Catherine studied at the University of Reading where she gained a degree in Psychology. After her Degree she went to work as a human factors psychologist at a science and technology company. Her focus was predominantly on training and designing training systems for human use. This gave her a good understanding into how people think, work and interact with each other.  She then went on to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

11Jul 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Todd Wenning

Welcome to the 18th SHARE TALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @Todd Wenning  . Todd Wenning is a CFA charterholder and a member of the CFA Society of Chicago. Todd is also the Author of the book “Keeping your Edge: Strategies for Growing & Protecting your Dividends”.

Todd started his career as a registered Representative and then became an Equity Trader at Vanguard Group. He later moved to Virginia to work for Suntrust Asset Management where he helped to manage the portfolios of ultra-high net worth individuals.

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