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Conkers Corner

2Jan 2017

Conkers Corner speaking with Edward Roskill

Welcome to the 38th SHARE TALK’s CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on 17th November 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with qualified lawyer, solicitor, corporate financier, former JP Morgan Investment Banker, entrepreneur, co-founder of Strata Partners and millionaire private investor @RoskillEdward Edward Roskill.

19Dec 2016

Conkers Corner speaking with David Stredder

Welcome to the 37th SHARE TALK’s CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on 17th November 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking Property entrepreneur, millionaire ISA investor, Founder of Mello events and Director of ShareSoc @carmensfella David Stredder.

12Dec 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Robert Mundy


Welcome to the 36th SHARE TALK’s CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on 23st November 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with the former Deutsche Bank, Liberum and Credit Suisse Oil and Gas Analyst @mundyrob Robert Mundy. This year Robert co-founded Research Tree, which provides Equity research, broker reports and media content to private and non-institutional investors, thus levelling the playing field with regards to access to the latest investment research.

5Dec 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Tim Price


Welcome to the 35th SHARE TALK’s CONKERS’ CORNER recorded on 21st November 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @timfprice Tim Price the awarding winning Fund Manager, Author and co-founder/Director of PFP Wealth Management. This business is a UK-based investment and financial advisory practice which advises on and manages £1.5 billion in client assets and is designed to provide investors with global exposure to managers pursuing value investment strategies. Tim is also a columnist for MoneyWeek magazine where he runs an investment advisory service, The Price Report gives individual investors the chance to hear the very latest views, insights and specific tips from top-level City investors and professional managers.

28Nov 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Francis Hunt


Welcome to the 34th SHARE TALK’s CONKERS’ CORNER. Recorded 25th October 2016. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @themarketsniper Francis D Hunt, Blogger, Trader, Technical Analyst, Coach and Teacher of Trading.
Francis grew up in South Africa. His parents inherited some money which they reinvested into Unit Trusts during the 1980’s.

They would check the prices of their investments in the newspaper regularly and this piqued Francis’s interest in investing when he was around 16 years of age. As his parents often discussed how prices had increased and decreased, “the principle of investing grabbed him early”. Francis acknowledged even at a young age that his parents were making money passively. Francis quickly graduated to shares. Francis went into the South African Army in 1987 as part of the compulsory intake. He took all the savings he had and “lumped them into the stock market” just in time to be hit hard by the 35% market capitulation of October 1987. However because he was away with the Army for two years, he had no need for money. This enabled his portfolio to participate in the market’s strong rebound over the next two years.

7Nov 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Nicola Duke


Welcome to the 32nd SHARE TALK’s CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @NicTrades Nicola Duke. Nic works for a Fund is also highly sought after for her trading and technical analysis expertise, covering up to 36 markets, including Oil, FX, Metals and grains.

Nic is from an Army family and so moved around a lot. Her Mum was always interested in stocks and shares and when Nic was 15 years of age, her Mum opened a sub investing account for her. At this stage she tended to followed recommendations given to her by her Mum and these tended to be Blue Chips.

31Oct 2016

“Conker’s Corner” speaking with Robin Powell


Welcome to the 31st SHARETALK’s CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with the award winning journalist and broadcaster @RobinJPowell Robin Powell. Robin is also an active campaigner for positive change in the investing industry.
Robin Powell was a TV reporter, producer and presenter for more than 20 years, working for Sky News, ITV and for The Sunday Politics on BBC 1. He reported from locations including Baghdad, Soweto and Guantanamo Bay, and made award-winning documentaries on the Holocaust and on Britain’s Romany Gypsy community.

17Oct 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Tamzin Freeman


Welcome to the 30th SHARETALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview, I have the pleasure of speaking with @tamzinpiworld Tamzin Freeman a private investor, co-founder of 2TF: a video production company for investors and public relations and PI WORLD, which publishes the videos recorded at Mello, ShareSoc, company presentations and other investor events.

As  a toddler Tamzin learnt essential components with regard to investing from her highchair, as her parents ran a global concern manufacturing CornishWare. She heard talk of Forex exchange rates, investments required to run a business and how businesses coped when things went wrong. This early initiation led Tamzin into a career in Sales and Marketing, with the majority of time in advertising. She also attained a Diploma in marketing, from The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

3Oct 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Gervais Williams


Welcome to the 29th SHARETALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the privilege of speaking with award winning Investment Fund Manager @gervais_mam Gervais Williams. He is currently the Managing Director of Miton Group Plc, where he and the team monitor the market trend changes beyond the credit boom, and aim to set up funds with investment strategies harnessing forthcoming investment trends.

Gervais grew up in Abergavenny in Monmouthshire; a county in South East Wales. As the son of a Farmer, he had always liked business but did not know how he was going to get into it. He attended the University of Liverpool where he attained an Engineering Degree and went onto become a Chartered Engineer. It was in 1985 that Gervais made the switch into the Investment industry, after successfully applying for a Trainee Fund Manager role at the Throgmorton Investment Trust. He started analysing small companies, did his industry exams and remained with the group for five years.

26Sep 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Petronella West


Welcome to the 28th SHARETALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with the co-founder and Director of Private Clients at Investment Quorum, @PetronellaW Petronella West. Investment Quorum is an award winning independent boutique Wealth management service.

Petronella started her journey in Financial Services at the age of 18 years opting not to finish her A levels as she had a passion to get into the world of work. Having started off in Administration, Petronella spent ten years at the Halifax Independent Financial Advisers where she completed all Financial Planning exams and achieved great success. She went self-employed in 1997 and co-founded Investment Quorum in October 2000.

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