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14Jul 2017

Elon…. a blog by Jeff Smith of Big Moose

So it’s been a short while since Share Talk covered a bigmoose blog. Apologies Jeff. From galavanting up to the North West of England to Bath, to Soho, and back to Cardiff… Jeff and Chloe have been pretty busy since Mr Smith returned from his successful Everest trip. Read on to find out the latest from the bigmoose camp…

26Jun 2017

Big Moose blog: New relationships

good afternoon bigmoose gang, and specifically good afternoon catryn grundy!
ha ha ha, that will make one person go omg, and will mean nothing to anybody else reading this, yet.

23Jun 2017

Jeff Smith/Big Moose… on top of the world!

Share Talk have followed Jeff Smith and his not-for-profit organisation Big Moose since he compered our Investor Show in Cardiff earlier this year. His latest (of many) projects was a small matter of climbing Mt Everest. We are a little late on this one (sorry!) but here is Jeff’s first blog since returning home having successfully completed his mission.

21Apr 2017

Updates from 5380m: A Big Moose blog by Chloe Smith

morning bigmoose team!

sorry for our radio silence on the blog front, things have been rather manic!

as you probably know, dad is out of the country until june 7th climbing mount everest! he is safely in nepal and his first 2 weeks there have been great and he is feeling really strong. the team he is with are all lovely, he is enjoying the whole experience, oh and he is back eating chocolate…. i’m pretty sure the box of 48 twirls that we bought him will have been consumed by now!

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