Cardiff named ‘Affordable’ Tech Hub


According to a report released at the beginning of November, Cardiff has become one of the most sustainable places to work in tech in the UK.

Conducted by Indeed, the world’s largest job listing site, it assessed the affordability of seven of the UK’s fastest growing tech cities. Salaries were compared against living costs.

London is the UK’s most expensive city to run a tech business or work as a tech professional, with the average salary at £51,070 and a flat costing £400,000.

Cardiff, which was recently named the fastest-growing digital industry after London, proved to be one of the more affordable locations in the report. Professionals can earn around £40,000, and a decent flat would cost £134,000.

Terence Chiu, VP of product at Indeed, said: “It is increasingly competitive for companies to find the technical talent they need as companies ramp up their demand for these professionals.

“Employers who use Prime will find talent that they wouldn’t normally see through traditional university recruiting, staffing agencies and job postings.”

“Our data shows this is a jobseeker’s market, with huge demand for tech talent and simply not enough of the right candidates to fill those open roles,” noted Chiu.

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