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21Nov 2016

Red Rock Resources RNS – Jupiter Mines US$55M Distribution to Shareholders



Jupiter Mines Ltd (“Jupiter”), an Australian unlisted public company in which Red Rock owns 27,324,375 shares, has announced that its 49.9% owned associate Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining Proprietary Ltd (“Tshipi”) has resolved to distribute ZAR 1 billion to its shareholders in respect of the year ending 28 February 2017, subject to there being no material change in production and market conditions for the rest of the financial year. Jupiter has resolved on receipt of its portion of this payment to distribute US$55m to its own shareholders.


·     US$55m distribution by Jupiter means a US$658,350 (c£530,000) distribution to Red Rock

·     Distribution will be payable in March 2017

·     Jupiter expects further distributions in 2017 if manganese price continues strong

•     Production in year to February 2017 will comfortably exceed near 2m t target

·     Tshipi distribution repays shareholders 50% of capital cost of mine with over 60 years mine  life remaining

·     Jupiter to pursue “strategic options” for its investment

21Nov 2016

Angus Energy a small company with a bright future



Angus Energy PLC said Monday 14th November 2016 that it has received permission from the UK Environment Agency to drill a side-track well at its Brockham production oil field in Surrey, after the company was admitted to trading on London’s AIM market.

The Angus Energy LON:ANGS

2009 the company was founded, the following year they qualifies as a UK O&G Operator. Jump forward to 2014 and the group acquired Brockham and Lidsey Oil Field Acquisition.

In 2015 Horse Hill Development Ltd. (HHDL) was founded by Angus Energy with Partners brought in to fund drilling of Horse Hill – 1 exploration well.

The Horse Hill-1 exploration well (less than five miles to the southeast of Brockham) was drilled and delivered on-time and on-budget by Angus Energy as the operator, partners. The group (Horse Hill sisters), which was behind the exploration at Horse Hill generated dramatic headlines in April 2105, with claims of a huge oil find near Gatwick airport



UK Oil & Gas, the largest investor in the site, said up to 100 billion barrels could lie under the area. However, the amount that could be extracted is yet to be proven with further drilling planned in 2107.

Angus Energy, one of the companies exploring for oil in the Home Counties, had its own plans and was planning to join the junior AIM market back in late 2015, hoping to raise millions of pounds to expand its drilling operations in Surrey and Sussex.

This is a onshore, UK-based oil and gas company that is focused on production and development. Angus Energy holds a 50% interest in the Lidsey licence PL 241 and a 40% working interest in the Lidsey-2 well.

Brockham and Lidsey Oil Field was always the prize and with their junior market listing, could they beat Horse Hill to the finish line in this race to get oil to market?  Or will both benefit from the Weald Basin attention.

20Nov 2016

The 3 key questions for the oil market poker game, ahead of OPEC’s meeting

Volatility continues to dominate oil markets, as the above chart confirms. Some weeks have seen prices move by over 18%. These are extraordinary moves in a market which is very well supplied, with near-record inventory levels. Some recent daily moves are equally extraordinary, with prices jumping $2.50/bbl on Tuesday.

The volatility highlights the power of the futures market to temporarily overwhelm anyone trading on the basis of physical supply/demand. As I noted last month, futures trading in just the WTI contract has averaged around 10x physical volume. So prices can take wild swings, without anything happening in the ‘real world’ – especially when the automated high frequency traders get involved with their media-led algorithms.

20Nov 2016

Gates Foundation Grant Boosts Blockchain-Based Medical Record Development

Factom, an Austin-based blockchain technology company offering data management and record keeping support for business, announced it is the recipient of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant. The intent of this funding is to address one of the world’s most urgent problems — the maintenance of medical records that are secure, readily accessible and reliable.

Prevailing medical record systems are typically paper-based and stored in hard copy files. This system becomes a problem, particularly in the developing world, when people relocate or if a region becomes politically or economically unstable. Creating an infrastructure for medical records  that is individual-based and secured via the Factom blockchain addresses both of these issues in a cost effective and pragmatic way, offering real benefits to poorer countries.

20Nov 2016

Exciting Times for Blockchain Innovation in India

Unocoin recently launched its first ever Application Programming Interface (API) to drive global commerce while boosting digital currency markets in India.  After raising $1.5 million, a record in India, this advancement represents another milestone in Unocoin’s continued efforts to fuel the world’s largest potential market for Bitcoin.

Through Unocoin’s API, individuals and companies in India can generate bitcoin wallets; buy, sell, send and receive bitcoin; securely store bitcoin; access real-time or historical price information; receive notifications for payments; facilitate merchant bitcoin payments; fulfil KYC requirements; as well as serve as a conduit for global companies seeking to remit bitcoin to India.

19Nov 2016

Are The Saudis About To Reveal The Best Kept Secret In Oil?

Sheikh and oil industry

One of the oil world’s longest and best kept secrets may finally be revealed. Saudi Arabia is preparing to unveil how much oil it holds, a closely guarded state secret that has been kept quiet for decades.

The decision to bring such important data to light comes as Saudi Aramco is preparing to partially privatize its assets, an IPO that could bring in some $100 billion. The IPO will be a monumental event, one that the Wall Street Journal says could offer Wall Street some of the largest fees in history.

Saudi Arabia often trades off with Russia – and more recently, with the U.S. – as the world’s largest oil producer. But while it produces at similar levels as Russia and the U.S., it is long been a vastly more influential player in the oil world. That is because of two reasons – the size of its reserves, and the ability to use latent spare capacity to quickly adjust supply, affording it an outsized influence on crude oil prices.

But while everyone believes Saudi Arabia has some of the largest oil reserves in the world, perhaps rivaled only by Venezuela, there has been a lot of uncertainty and skepticism over exactly how much sits beneath the Saudi desert.

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