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December 2016

31Dec 2016

How Twitter Started

Twitter is an unusual no-longer-startup that made an impact, signed up users, but is still not profitable. Why would a company with 300 Million users not be able to make enough money to continue on its own?

30Dec 2016

Who Won The 2016 Oil War?

Shale rig

Heading into the New Year with oil prices above US$50, both OPEC and the U.S. shale industry are claiming victory in the latest oil war battle—and both expect to benefit from higher prices, but there can really only be one winner here.

30Dec 2016

The Psychology of the TopChop – Part 2 of 3


The Psychology behind the ‘No Maximum Size’ approach
Right, now we are finally onto the nitty gritty of the Blog Series – sorry it has taken so long but I felt a strong need to set the scene in Part 1 and make sure Readers had a decent understanding of what the Techniques practically meant before we plough on with the Psychology and Thought Processes lying behind them. If you have not read Part 1 yet, I suggest you read that first as this one may not make a whole load of sense otherwise. 

29Dec 2016

Most Traded Currencies in 2016

Have you ever wondered which currencies receive the most trading action? The data for the following chart comes from a survey done every three years by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

Note that trading volume adds up to 200%, because each currency trade has a pairing.

The Most Traded Currencies in 2016

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