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November 2016

14Nov 2016

Angus Energy IPO Presentation

Angus Energy is an independent onshore oil and gas development company focused on advancing its portfolio of licensed UK assets.

We are a team of petroleum industry specialists with a proven track record of operational excellence and fiscal discipline meeting the energy demands of the United Kingdom without utilizing hydraulic fracturing.

Angus Energy’s operated production fields provide conventional, low-risk exploration production opportunities that are cash flow efficient.

Angus Energy owns and operates conventional production fields in Brockham and Lidsey, and we present their IPO presentation.

14Nov 2016

FCR Investor presentation held on the 4th of November 2016


On the 4th of November, Ferrum Crescent Ltd held a presentation at The Village Hotel, Walsall, Birmingham. They have kindly provided the presentation pack for us to publish to allow other shareholders the opportunity to see what was discussed.

A copy of the presentation can be viewed by following this link.

We also took the time to speak with Justin Tooth and Merlin Marr Johnson in a podcast earlier in the week.

13Nov 2016

Are you buying into the ‘Trump dividend?’ asks – Zak Mir

President Barack Obama shakes hands with President-elect Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)President Barack Obama shakes hands with President-elect Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House 

So, we are in a position where we have a non politician, non military US President, with some rather controversial business experience? After a just a few hours of steep falls US stock markets, and then markets around the world confounded the experts and rallied hard. What was the explanation?

Post US-election

On a purely trading basis, those who had been short of the market were forced to cover their positions ahead of the expected Clinton victory. Unfortunately, just as they did so the ‘Trump-Quake’ materialised and an 800-dip for the Dow.

But the real issue here is that the victory for Donald Trump, was merely a ‘carbon copy’ in the polling booths, the media and the markets of Brexit. The same trade was on, “Buy the rumour, sell the news,” with the bonus for traders being that if Trump won the dive would be greater.

It is likely there would have been at least a modest sell off even if Clinton had won. Instead, we have the Dow flirting with all time highs, the polar opposite of what “experts” in the mainstream media and indeed, financial markets had predicted.

12Nov 2016

Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts – part three by Diana E Patterson



Resilience is a significant factor for the sector has a whole.  Although there is a large amount of security of income from the contracted income from the leases of standing investment properties held by the REITs, at any one time most of them are exposed to some developments of substantial refurbishments.  If these do not find ready tenants, at viable rents, before or on completion, the empty properties can be a significant drain on capital and performance.

In addition, in down-turns or recessions, companies fail, causing a loss of rental income and generating vacant space at the worst time.  Even outside these periods, business cost-cutting can mean tenants vacate properties as leases expire, which may then need refurbishment before re-lettings can be achieved. 

11Nov 2016

Share Talk – Steve Shares 11th November 2016


Welcome to Share Talk and Steve Shares. This publication is an interactive update on what’s happening over social media and the trending stocks that have made the news this week.

We highlight the coming news and events in connection to your investments and holdings. So if you think that a stock or share or a piece of news will be in the spotlight soon, let Steve Shares know by contacting me via direct message @slarratt1 or by Tweeting the hashtag below and tagging me in. It is easy, use the hashtag of #ST (Share Talk) and add your company’s ticker i.e. #ST88E and tag me @slarratt1 so I can see what you are wanting Steve Shares to feature and I can share for all to see.

10Nov 2016

Ferrum Crescent – Toral Lead-Zinc Exploration Work Commenced – FCR


Ferrum Crescent, the ASX, AIM and JSE quoted metals project developer, announces that further to its acquisition on 23 September 2016 of GoldQuest Iberica, S.L. (“GoldQuest”), which owns 100% of the Toral lead-zinc exploration project located in the province of León in Spain (“Toral Project”), it has now commenced a simple, cost-effective and highly-focussed work programme. This programme includes re-interpretation of significant foreign and historic geological and exploration data available in respect of the Toral Project, including data contained in a NI 43-101 Technical Report prepared by Micon International Co. Limited in respect of the Toral Project on 14 April 2011 and amended on 30 April 2012 (the “NI 43-101 Report”).

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