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November 2016

19Nov 2016

Are The Saudis About To Reveal The Best Kept Secret In Oil?

Sheikh and oil industry

One of the oil world’s longest and best kept secrets may finally be revealed. Saudi Arabia is preparing to unveil how much oil it holds, a closely guarded state secret that has been kept quiet for decades.

The decision to bring such important data to light comes as Saudi Aramco is preparing to partially privatize its assets, an IPO that could bring in some $100 billion. The IPO will be a monumental event, one that the Wall Street Journal says could offer Wall Street some of the largest fees in history.

Saudi Arabia often trades off with Russia – and more recently, with the U.S. – as the world’s largest oil producer. But while it produces at similar levels as Russia and the U.S., it is long been a vastly more influential player in the oil world. That is because of two reasons – the size of its reserves, and the ability to use latent spare capacity to quickly adjust supply, affording it an outsized influence on crude oil prices.

But while everyone believes Saudi Arabia has some of the largest oil reserves in the world, perhaps rivaled only by Venezuela, there has been a lot of uncertainty and skepticism over exactly how much sits beneath the Saudi desert.

19Nov 2016

The Neutrality of Mining Pools

Bitcoin’s oldest mining pool, Slush Pool, will let its miners vote on the Segregated Witness soft fork proposed by Bitcoin Core. By passing this choice down to individual miners that connect to the pool (sometimes also referred to as “hashers”) Slush Pool hopes to remove itself as a decision maker from the equation.

Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine, Slush Pool operator Marek “Slush” Palatinus stated: “Satoshi’s idea was not to have a few entities control the network. As a mining pool we shouldn’t rule.”

18Nov 2016

Steve Shares 18th November 2016



Share Talk – Steve Shares

Welcome to Share Talk and Steve Shares. This publication is an interactive update on what’s happening over social media and the trending stocks that have made the news this week.

We highlight the coming news and events in connection to your investments and holdings. So if you think that a stock or share or a piece of news will be in the spotlight soon, let Steve Shares know by contacting me via direct message @slarratt1 or by Tweeting the hashtag below and tagging me in. It is easy, use the hashtag of #ST (Share Talk) and add your company’s ticker i.e. #ST88E and tag me @slarratt1 so I can see what you are wanting Steve Shares to feature and I can share for all to see.

18Nov 2016

First Hole at São Martinho Intersects Gold on 6 Levels


First Hole at São Martinho Intersects Gold on 6 Levels

 W Resources Plc (AIM:WRES), the tungsten, copper and gold mining, production, exploration and development company with assets in Spain and Portugal, is pleased to announce initial results of the first hole from the 1,500 metre diamond core drilling campaign that commenced in mid-September at the São Martinho Gold Deposit in Portugal.

A total of nine of holes have been drilled so far and the first assay results concluded, from the first hole SMD-04, that this intersected significant gold mineralisation in 6 levels including 2m at 4.2g/t and 2m at 7.6g/t.  

Highlights from Hole SMD-04 include:

·       2.40m grading 4.2 g/t Au from 32.90m

·       2.00m grading 1.1 g/t Au from 90.00m

·       7.00m grading 1.7 g/t Au from 95.70m

·       8.00m grading 1.8 g/t Au from 157.00m* (including 1.00m grading 9.6 g/t Au from 157.00m);

·       3.00m grading 3.0 g/t Au from 177.00m (including 1.00m grading 8.0 g/t Au from 177.00m);

·       2.00m grading 7.6 g/t Au from 187.60m (including 1.00m grading 14.2 g/t Au from 187.6m).

* This zone extends over 12m at least, probably down to 169.00m, however the additional infill sampling results are not yet available.

Further information on Hole SMD-04 is included below.

18Nov 2016

What are you doing on Saturday, 26th November 2016

Well… the answer should be that you’re coming to Share Talk’s
Investor’s Evening 


Sponsor  Beaufort Securities


Share Talk will have Kolar Gold (KGLD), Metal Tiger (MTR), Regency Mines (RGM), and Mkango Resources (MKA) presenting on the night.

99579470-8196-11e6-bad2-8d4712fb8b1c_img_headshot Event Compere/MC  Zak Mir 

Before we you listen to the podcast, here is a little look behind the curtain and how is all started back in the day!

Share Talk went live on the eve of the Golden Bears Investor Show on the 25th November 2015. We never gave it any thought, how to collect content or how we would pay to host the site, hotel or even travelling costs. To be honest it was going to be a hobby website to share content with people to read and do research.


18Nov 2016

What is waiting for you on the Alternative Investment Market.


A hatchling marine iguana stands perilously close to a hunting Galapagos racer snake

If you haven’t already seen this amazing clip from the new series of Planet Earth you should. It will give you an idea of what is waiting for you when invest in the Alternative Investment Market.

You are entering a market that is geared up statically for you to lose 90% of your investment in the first year. It’s a ruthless place, make no mistake about it. Money changes people and this is a race that only the fittest will survive.

However, its not a race to the bottom IF you protect yourself. Its about survival and learning from others mistakes – you wont get many chances to survive if you dont learn quickly. Let’s cut to the chase here because that is how they make money, it’s that simple. The cake only has so many slices and once they have eaten their slice, you could easly be left holding the emply plate.

You will be told your investments are going to multi-bag and you will live happily ever after. It sounds cynical but with a market worth £14 billion sterling plus and governing body FCA unwilling to help, you’re truly on your own.

Ask  yourself one question before continuing, watch the video and be honest, imagine the iguana and then yourself in a simliar hostile enviroment, understand the game?

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