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October 2016

6Oct 2016

Share Views – Episode 11 – London South East partners with IG on Spread Betting services


Share Views – Episode 11 – London South East partners with IG on Spread Betting services.

Josh Mahony, Market Analyst at IG, discusses Spread Betting and the latest Macroeconomic and Stockmarket indicators with Zak Mir.

Scott Grant, Director of London South East, is alongside them to discuss the importance of offering a Spread Betting facility on lse.co.uk for Investors’ overall strategy, and how IG became the chosen product provider.

5Oct 2016

Regency Mines PLC – A Tale of the Unexpected



 A Tale of the Unexpected

Déjà vu is a powerful thing, and it can be quite a useful from an investment perspective, if tempered, tolerated and nurtured.

Kipling says we must (to paraphrase) “keep our heads when all around are losing theirs.”  Wise words but the world of AIM requires an even greater discipline, because if one presumes “losing theirs” indicates irrationality, investors in resource stocks on AIM have to deal with that and plenty more besides.

At the bottom of a resource market (and cyclical downturns as we have experienced in the resource sector are probably the most pernicious and financially damaging of all), then we have a whole legion of investors recoiling from having lost so much over the years.  The mere prospect of recovery in a share where your loss is 70%, 80%, 90% or even 99% is irksome.

5Oct 2016

Michael Masterman – Chairman – W Resources PLC


Share Talk spoke with Michael Masterman,  Chairman of  W Resources AIM:WRES in London recently and he talked about Production Commencing at the La Parrilla mine in Spain ahead of schedule.

Production Commences at La Parrilla

Michael Masterman, Chairman of W Resources commented: “It is a great milestone to see a smooth plant start-up and first tungsten concentrate production. While there could be many ramp-up challenges over the coming months, we have a skilled and committed team in place to increase production and lay the groundwork for a substantial increase in production in 2017”.

4Oct 2016

Justin Tooth – Executive Chairman – Ferrum Crescent



Share Talk spoke with Justin Tooth today in this exclusive interview with him announcing Ferrum Crescent works programme for Toral – Spanish zinc work has a team in country this week.

He answers shareholders questions and is very open in this interview.

Justin Tooth quote

“it is worth me adding that in a couple of weeks’ time we have got a number of city analysts coming down to site, a site visit. There will be some proper research done, particularly on the Spain prospect and that will start to peak the interest of the institutional market, we look to crystallize our strategy for 2017”.

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