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October 2016

22Oct 2016

‘The higher the stock market, the more profits warnings there are’ – Zak Mir

Regents St with red buses and bunting in London street.

Regents St with red buses and bunting in London street.

One of the better stock market sayings is that profits warnings come in threes (like London Buses), something which defines the way that once a company hits the skids it can take quite a while for a recovery to take place – if at all.

This would suggest that the plethora of warnings we have seen at UK Plc and beyond could be the tip of the iceberg as far as the corporate state of play over coming months. Clearly, if things are heading downhill on the profits side with interest rates at zero and QE still in force, it does not bode well for the time when the accommodative punch bowl is removed.

22Oct 2016

Why is it important to review all your trades?


Ignoring the excitement and the thrill (also the stress and anxiety) that trading can bring, trading is your job – you are a trader. Part of anyone’s job is to look at the work they are doing and see what they are doing well and what they need to improve on. Yes it can be the boring laborious bit but it has such importance to you. Both from a strategic and psychological perspective.

I recommend you put aside time every day or at least two to three times a week to have a look at your trades, both good and bad. 

21Oct 2016

Share Talk – Steve Shares 21st October 2016


Welcome to Share Talk and Steve Shares. This publication is an interactive update on what’s happening over social media and the trending stocks that have made the news this week.

We highlight the coming news and events in connection to your investments and holdings. So if you think that a stock or share or a piece of news will be in the spotlight soon, let Steve Shares know by contacting me via direct message @slarratt1 or by Tweeting the hash tag below and tagging me in. It is easy, use the hash tag of #ST (Share Talk) and add your company’s ticker i.e. #ST88E and tag me @slarratt1 so I can see what you are wanting Steve Shares to feature and I can share for all to see.

18Oct 2016

Kolar Gold CEO Cameron Parry


Share Talk speaks with Cameron Parry about Kolar Gold inks Finland gold JV MoU news update. He talks about what share holders can expect in 2016/17

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