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July 2016

27Jul 2016

Share Talk speak with Joao Andrade, CEO of WideCells Group


LSE Share Talk spoke with Joao Andrade, CEO of WideCells Group with regards to their ground breaking IPO on the London Stock Exchange. In addition, to glean how with first mover advantage, the global stem cell services provider intends to enable affordable access to stem cell treatments globally. Joao also provides detail about the company’s innovative CellPlan, the world’s first global stem cell healthcare plan.

24Jul 2016

Justin Tooth Executive – Chairman – Ferrum Crescent LTD


LSE Share Talk has an exclusive interview with Justin Tooth, Executive Chairman of Ferrum Crescent LTD #FCR

Nil-cost Extension of Option to Acquire Interests in Lead-Zinc Exploration Projects in Spain RNS on 22nd July 2016 http://www.investegate.co.uk/ferrum-crescent-ltd–fcr-/rns/extension-of-option/201607220700069281E/

Justin explains the one month extension on the Spain option, This extra month helps Ferrum get the correct and best terms in place in the final purchase documentation. With both parties (FCR & Crestgate) working hard to make it happen within the next few weeks.

24Jul 2016

Share Talk – Steve Shares 24th July 2016


Welcome to the new feature from Share Talk is an interactive update on what’s happening over social media and the trending stocks that have made the news this week and why. We will also have a look at up and coming news and events in connection to your investments and holdings. I will also provide a roundup of Share Talk activities this week.

If you think a stock or share or a piece of news will be in the spotlight soon let us know by contacting me via direct message @slarratt1 or simply by following the new hashtag below and tagging me in. The more you put into this feature the more news and thoughts can be known about your stocks and holdings. Could your stock be a potential under the radar company that others could be interested in? Could it be a little unknown gem that you want to shout about or share a key piece of research on?

23Jul 2016

MiningMaven Podcast No 32. Déjà vu for Mining Stocks – 2009 revisited with Paul Johnson and Malcolm Palle


In today’s podcast MiningMaven co founders, Malcolm Palle and Paul Johnson take a look back at 2009 when the last Resources Market bull kicked off and draw comparisons between then and where we are right now at the start of this recovery phase .

It is important to note that, in this frank and open exchange, Paul is speaking as a private investor and not as CEO of Metal Tiger, so as he puts his MTR CEO hat to one side, we discuss what lessons were learned from back then and how each of us intends to play things this time round, to make the most of the many opportunities out there.

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