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June 2016

11Jun 2016

The Appeal of Long Term Investing


Breaking with my normal method, I am scribbling this quite fast around 4.30pm on a Tuesday Afternoon (blimey, the Markets are about to shut, maybe I should be looking at my Stocks) as I want to watch the ‘Gold Rush’ new series tonight (Discovery Channel) and I know that will distract me from my ramblings (OK, you can see I started this Blog in Draft form way back in October – yes, sometimes they take that long for me to drum up the enthusiasm to finish them off.)

10Jun 2016

Creating An Investment Universe by Stock Whittler (@dosh100)


Creating An Investment Universe

As a private investor, we aren’t unlike the crew of the Starship Enterprise. We are permitted to roam within the investment universe as we seek new gems that we may add to our investment portfolio. Unfortunately, that universe is a vastly big place and we are not naturally gifted at birth with the emotionless logic of Mr Spock that may enable him to find those investment gems more readily than a mere earthling. All too frequently investors latch onto some of the space-junk that drifts in the vacuum of space. Many private investors that journey in the investment universe take a random journey as they bounce from one idea to another, from hot tip to hot tip, from chaotic bulletin board “in the know tart” to the next hot thing suggested by part-time journalists.

8Jun 2016

Jeremy Martin Horizonte Minerals PLC #HZM


Jeremy Martin, CEO of Horizonte Minerals PLC speaks to Share Talk about the Preliminary Environmental Licence (‘LP’), for the mining and beneficiation plant to produce ferronickel, for its Araguaia Nickel Project (‘Araguaia’) by the Brazilian Pará State Environmental Agency (‘SEMAS’)

The granting of the LP is often regarded as the most important licence as it outlines the parameters of the project as agreed upon by all stakeholders and is the only environmental licensing process that requires COEMA approval.

6Jun 2016

Keras Resources Additional Gold Tribute Secured With Norton

Keras Resources Ltd, the Australian gold mining company, is pleased to announce that it has secured an additional deposit under the existing tribute agreement from Paddington Gold Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Norton Gold Fields (‘Norton’) to mine the Royal Standard North lease area (‘Royal Standard”). The Royal Standard North lease area is located in the of the Mount Pleasant region approximately 20km south of the Grants Patch lease area where the Company is currently undertaking mining in the Western Australian goldfields.  Ore from Royal Standard will also be processed at Norton’s nearby Paddington processing plant. The preliminary confirmatory drill programme, which was undertaken in May, indicates economic grades and grade continuity.  Drill results are included in Table 1 below.

5Jun 2016

Steve Larrett (part 2) Speaks to Share Talk 04/06/2016


Today is part 2 of our audio podcast with our resident blogger @slarratt1 We will be covering #88E  #SDX  #COPL  #HNR  #HUM  #KRS  #NMG  #GGP #MTR  #SAV #EMH

With a lot of interesting announcements, news updates to follow, we look across the AIM sector to see what has happened since we covered these companies. Plus we look at a new IPO listing from the Oil & Gas sector and what upside they may deliver in the near term future.

Rare earth, Lithium look to be the new hot sectors with the EV sector looking to exploded in the coming decade. We cover the mining stock that looks to be part of this new revolution.

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