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June 2016

30Jun 2016

Callum Baxter & Gervaise Heddle talk about the future of Greatland Gold


Callum Baxter (Executive Director) & Gervaise Heddle (Non-executive Director) talk about the future of Greatland Gold during their last visit to London, England. In this exclusive interview they discuss how excited they are about the short – mid term exploration programme. The support they have received from new high net worth investors and what the futures holds. The principal activity of Greatland Gold plc is to explore for and develop natural resources, with a focus on gold. The Company was established in London during 2005 and admitted to AIM in July 2006.

30Jun 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” speaking with Leon Boros

Welcome to the 16th SHARE TALK’S CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @Boros10 Leon Boros an ISA Millionaire and serial entrepreneur.

Leon started investing when he was only 18 years of age having been inspired by his grandfather who was an amateur stock picker. However, he admitted that he did very little research and was susceptible to “story stocks”.

Leon is an Economics graduate and winner of the prestigious National Lord Kings Norton award for Economics for his ground breaking research on the financing of employee owned companies.

29Jun 2016

Alecto Minerals PLC talk about transformation from Explorer to Producer


We talk with Mark Jones, CEO of Alecto Minerals PLC, and Dominic Doherty the Operations Director about the company strategy.

Alecto Minerals has a gold portfolio in a number of African companies and focusing on moving from being a explorer to a producer.

They cover news on the recent joint venture with Randsgold, where they see the company fitting into the gold market, and changing their operational focus from West Africa to Southern Africa to generate cash.

29Jun 2016

A brief overview of Mkango and the sector


Mkango is a rare earth element (REE) company based in Malawi which is a proven area in the resources market, the area has good working relationships with other countries and has good political and local amenities for the mining sector such as transport and energy needs and requirements. Mkango has been listed on the TSX exchange for a number of years and has recently listed on the London Alternative Investment Market, 15 Jun 2016 http://www.investegate.co.uk/mkango-resources-ltd–mka-/rns/mkango-resources-announces-first-day-of-trading/201606150700092060B/

Raising gross proceeds of £1 million (approximately C$1.8 million) (the “Placing”). Under the terms of the Placing, the Corporation has issued 30,303,030 units (the “Units”) at a price of 3.3 pence per Unit with a Market Cap of £2.3 Million, Mkango trades on AIM market under the ticker symbol MKA.

28Jun 2016

David Lenigas World Exclusive with Share Talk


Doriemus PLC (ISDX:DOR), the London Listed UK focused oil and gas exploration and production investment company, announce the appointment of Mr David Lenigas as the new Executive Chairman of the Company yesterday.


David Lenigas has give an world exclusive interview with Share Talk about yesterday’s announcement and is not speaking to any other news outlets.

28Jun 2016

Kodal Minerals CEO Bernard Aylward #KOD


LSE Share Talk speaks to newly appointed Kodal Minerals CEO Bernard Aylward #KOD

Fully funded for the next 12 months. Two partners Newcrest Mining & Resolute Mining with a joint venture totalling around $4.7 Million worth of exploration.

Kodal Minerals are actively assessing other opportunities, acquisition, investment in commodity and geography!

27Jun 2016

“Conkers’ Corner” with Mike Rawson

Welcome to the 15th SHARE TALK CONKERS’ CORNER. In this interview I have the pleasure of speaking with @the7cirlces Mike Rawson.

Mike has been investing for over 30 years, having first got the bug from his Dad. His first investments back in 1984/85, were companies that had evolved from the Conservative government’s de-nationalisation policy of utilities and services.

Mike completed a Science Degree in 1984, but found due to the Recession at the time, that he could not find a job in his chosen field. He opted instead to work in Computing, gaining his fist role with Software House. He would go onto work for UBS on Computing Integration Projects. Whilst at UBS Mike also completed a MBA in Finance.

26Jun 2016

Metal Tiger PLC speak to Share Talk – Part 2


In part 2 of this interview the Metal Tiger team talk about the company’s operations & reply to share holders questions. We cover Brexit vote in the UK and how it could affect the commodity – mining sectors?

This was recorded in London, UK – Wednesday 22 June, 2016 and is the second of a two part video.

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