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April 2016

6Apr 2016

Shard Capital updates Jubilee Platinum note now that production commences

After a decade of steady working, JLP is now a mineral producer. This is no mean feat in the best of times. With a company-projected US$14m pa profit margin, we don’t expect further calls on shareholders during this phase of operations. Organic growth is certainly possible. The company has built its first mineral production capacity and now has finance for a second, larger facility. Chrome concentrate is already flowing and concentrate containing Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) is expected from the second facility in Q4 2016.

6Apr 2016

Angel Investing – Some thoughts



Peter @conkers3 has asked me to put down a few considerations on Angel Investing. I have been an Angel Investor for about 30 years. This does not mean I am any good at it. But it does mean I am not so bad as to go bust. It is also not my main source of income so my mistakes hurt but they are not the end of the world. They points raised are my opinion only and should be taken only as information, rather than advice.

5Apr 2016

Targets – helping improve your Aim – Part 3 of 3

Linking Shareholders and Executives :Share Talk

Monitoring Targets

Targets should not be seen as a one-off, static, thing. In my daily Investing Activities, my Targets are under almost constant review. The review period is up to Readers but I would suggest a minimum of at least a Weekly Review. I suppose if you are a very busy person and very much a Passive Investor, then maybe once a fortnight is right for you but that seems a long time to me and a lot can change fast.

3Apr 2016

St Brides Weekly Brief


This week we officially entered Spring and in true British fashion it has been intermittently glorious and miserable. Now that we”ve got the gloomiest part of the year out of the way [hopeful y] we can look forward to the coming months with anticipation. To ease you into April and 02, we bring you the St Brides· Brief, with a summary of our clients’ news over the past week. In the Brief this Week.

2Apr 2016

Targets – helping improve your Aim – Part 1 of 3

Linking Shareholders and Executives :Share Talk

It is worth thinking of Targets in terms of ‘Total Return’ not just any Capital Gain – the money you receive as Dividends can be considered as part of the Target amount of Return. For me personally, I tend to ignore the Dividend Element except when thinking about a Stock in my Income Portfolio (this will be covered in detail later in this Blog Series), and this means that my Returns are actually higher than the Capital Gain on its own. I do this really out of laziness as I can’t be bothered to record down all the dividends I have received – they are a Bonus but of course all get factored into my Overall Portfolio End of Year Results (‘Scores on the Doors’).

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