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March 2016

20Mar 2016

The Horse Hill Sisters and Angus – The race is on!

The Unfolding Story of Horse Hill

A while back we looked at the story unfolding beneath Horse Hill. At the time we were curious to understand why Angus Energy had decided to depart from the Horse Hill Sisters and sell their stake to Regency. A simple answer would be that owning the rights to Brockham field meant they could benefit from the same oil that HH-1 discovered from only 2 miles away. And more so but we’ll get back to that. Before we do, let’s take a brief history trip!

19Mar 2016

Share Talk interview with Mark Gustafson : CHAL

Challenger’s listing on the London Stock Exchange provides, it is the Company’s aim to become the leader, not only in the design and construction of giant observation wheels and structures, but also in the provision of financing for projects, and the ownership of giant observation wheels globally.

19Mar 2016

Share Talk on TipTV


Zak Mir interviews Share Talk founder ABM and Business Manager Robert Berkley about the future direction of the company and how investors communicate. We discuss the rise of 88E and Metal Tiger and Keras Resources and our coverage of the stocks.

18Mar 2016

St Brides Weekly Brief


The big news this week was the Chancellor’s Budget in which he instituted a number of important measures, most notably, his headline-grabbing sugar tax.  With the government set to introduce a levy on some of our favourite things from 2018, we can still deliver a small dose of sweetness on your Friday through the St Brides Brief.  In the Brief this week.

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