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March 2016

11Mar 2016

St Brides Weekly Brief


On Tuesday this week it was International Women’s Day, a time to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of women all over the globe. In honour of this, the Weekly Brief pays tribute to the many female pioneers of industry that have helped make history and change the world. We thank you.

11Mar 2016

Noricum Gold Investor Presentation

Noricum Gold

Noricum Gold Ltd has a 50% interest in, and operational control of, the 861 km2 Bolnisi Project. The Project which is located in the Republic of Georgia contains multiple, large copper & gold non-JORC resources. Due to the scale, and high grades here this is the Company’s core operational focus.

Beyond this, the Company plans to explore and discover new high grade opportunities in the VMS setting while expanding existing resources.

9Mar 2016

An exclusive Q & A session with LGO Energy

LGO Energy

The start of 2016 has proven to be a challenge to those invested in the oil and gas industry. Record low oil prices and the uncertainty of how many of the smaller companies plan to operate during these hard times will keep even the most narcoleptic of investors awake at night. With the set back of the last well they drilled (GY-678), long term holders had many questions they wanted to ask the company.

We decided to ask the company some of these tough questions to gain a bit more of an insight into their strategy for the near future. Now LGO have come out of their offer period, Neil Ritson, the CEO, provided us with a response to some of those key questions being asking.

8Mar 2016

How many Stocks should an Investor hold?

Share Talk exclusive director interviews

This is a subject that seems to crop up on Twitter discussions at least once a week. I figured that if I do a detailed Blog on the issues, then I can send out a link every time someone asks me the same question as I have responded to 300 times before !!

Don’t take that seriously. I am always very willing to take questions from people and it actually helps everybody because lots of ideas and approaches come out in our discussions and many, many Readers and Twitter People have exactly the same issues. So please keep the questions coming and I promise I will not just send you a link to this Blog !!

5Mar 2016

St Brides Weekly Brief


As the temperature rises in the American presidential race and here in the UK over the European referendum (though certainly not in the north of the country where it’s snowing in the lead up to spring!), we thought we’d introduce a breath of fresh air in the form of our Weekly Brief, looking at our clients’ news over the past 5 days.

3Mar 2016

Venture Capital Trusts for Income Seekers


Venture capital trusts, or VCTs, are a niche play. While being quoted and, therefore, benefiting from the regulatory environment, they generally have relatively poor liquidity (a lot of activity takes place through new issuance) and trade at discounts to their net asset values (NAVs).  Worse than that, their NAVs appear to go nowhere over time and, indeed, may even demonstrate a gentle downward trend, implying some form of deterioration.  For many investors, these are good enough reasons to avoid the sector.

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