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February 2016

29Feb 2016

Gerard Kisbey-Green CEO of GoldPlat PLC


Goldplat plc is an AIM-listed, profitable, debt-free gold recovery services company with two market leading operations in South Africa and Ghana. The Company also has a small gold mining and exploration portfolio in Kenya, Ghana and Burkina Faso.

28Feb 2016

The unfolding story of Horse Hill

The Unfolding Story of Horse Hill
As news is starting to circulate about the Gatwick Gusher, let’s return to the video of Andrew Bell, CEO of Regency Mines (RGM), to get a better understanding of the story unfolding.
28Feb 2016

88E Possible Timeline Article

Share Talk blogger Steven Larratt

Icewine #1 Drilling Update - 88E

Hello there and thank you for taking place in our recent survey in which the winner chosen by yourselves was “The time line of the company and what to expect”… as is obvious, these are only rough estimates and are my thoughts based on my knowledge and research.

Firstly I hope you have all done well and enjoyed the rises over the last few weeks but as you may see there is so much more news to come…

26Feb 2016

Averaging Down the Investors Dilemma


@conkers3 and @wheeliedealer have decided to combine their investing experiences to write this article. We hope that it helps all readers that find themselves faced with the investing dilemma of whether to average down.

Year to date Private Investors, Institutional Investors and Fund Managers have all been shell shocked by the volatility and the worse yearly start to Financial Markets since the onset of the Great Depression. This has left many investors scratching their heads. Should they reduce equity exposure, go to all cash and wait for the markets to stabilise or should they average down into those holdings that have declined?

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