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January 2016

20Jan 2016

Icewine #1 Core Evaluation Update

Icewine #1 Drilling Update - 88E

88 Energy Limited – ASX, AIM: 88E is pleased to provide the following update on the evaluation of the core over the HRZ interval from the recently drilled Icewine#1 exploration well.

19Jan 2016

Some thoughts on Builders

Some Thoughts on Builders

There seems to be general agreement that there is currently a shortfall of about 1 million homes in the UK.  With some estimates being quite a bit higher.  Whilst politicians like to talk a lot about the situation it seems very unlikely that it is going to be solved any time soon.  The two solutions being a massive change in the supply side, essentially only achieved by a move to virtually unregulated building, or some form of nationalised building plan. Or a change in the demand side caused most likely by an economic disaster removing the need for housing as people either do not/ cannot afford to move out of their parents home, or of such a nature that mass emigration occurs freeing up the current housing stock.

18Jan 2016

Metal Tiger Plc – LSE : MTR | Botswana Update

Metal Tiger PLC

14 January, Dowgate Capital issued a buy rating at 2.3p for Metal Tiger, largely based on the Botswana project. This week, Metal tiger also announced a 4.92% investment in MODResources.

Following my recent article on MTR’s Spain project, I now look closer at Botswana.

15Jan 2016

The WheelieDealer approach to position sizing – Part 1

Why is careful Position Sizing important?

As I see it, appropriate Position Sizing is vital to create a diversified portfolio which provides the overall level of Risk that is acceptable to the individual investor. As I have stated to the point where you are all fed up with it, I see Success in the Stockmarket comes from careful avoidance of mistakes – don’t crash the Plane.

7Jan 2016

SHELL COMPANIES ‘Rise in Interest’? in 2016

Closing 2015 the small cap markets took a keen interest in shell companies predominantly listed on Aim, I believe this has been born out of change. During the year the regulators have looked closely at tightening up on small independent investment vehicles or shell businesses, this I believe is due to the number of micro-cap business’s failing to yield a single penny of profit for everyday punters.

3Jan 2016

MTR Article – Spain

Metal Tiger PLC

Born in the summer of 2014, from the ashes of Brady Exploration. Metal Tiger have one clear goal.

To build a portfolio of cheap resource assets at, or around the bottom of the market build value into those assets, crystallise and distribute cash to shareholders as the market turns.

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