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Burgeoning Battery Market

Global demand for commercial graphite is expected to double within the next eight years

Heavy demand for graphite predicted to satisfy the growth of lithium-ion batteries where

exceptional demand growth is expected

Growth fuelled by increasing uptake in electric vehicles, smartphones, and developments in the energy

storage industry

Graphite materials still remain the dominant active anode material used in the production

lithium-ion batteries (LIB)

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is forecasting that the market where graphite is used as an

anode is set to increase from 80,000 tpa in 2015 to at least 250,000 tpa by the end of 2020

Graphite is a safe and reliable material that provides sufficient energy density for many

portable power applications, such as mobile phones and laptop computers

Mahenge Liandu Graphite Project | June 2016


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