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  • What does Share Talk do?
  • What is the Share Talk vision ?
  • What services do you offer companies?
  • Can I request a review of a company?
  • Which investor events are you attending?
  • Are you invested in any of the companies you are following?
  • How do I submit questions to a company ?
  • Which Sectors do you cover ?
  • Can you recommend a reliable broker ?
  • How can I get involved in an IPO ?
  • Do you only interview companies via podcasts ?
  • What does your term 'Climbers' mean?
  • Where can I find our social media outlets?

We provide a service to allow companies to reach out to their investors and keep them informed of their progress. We also help investors get their questions asked by approaching companies on their behalf to see if they are able to answer them. Our website is a platform used to facilitate this.

Share Talk is an unbiased information portal which attempts to bridge the gap between shareholders and corporate executives.

Here at Share Talk we promote and encourage discussions between companies and their target audience. We will never Tip a share - we will only provide information to the general public in an easy to digest manner. For further clarification please see our terms and conditions.

Share Talk offers numerous company promotional services including but not limited to Digital Brochure Creation, Director Interviews - both video and skype based, Question and Answer facilitation between investors and companies, social media promotion, newsletter promotion and broker services via our partner Shard Capital.

We provide coverage of investor events where we interview the key companies in the spotlight. In the near future we will provide access to IPOs and other investment opportunities via our partner Shard Capital.

Absolutely, we welcome any requests - these can be made by using our contact form, on twitter or by emailing us directly.

Once we have collected enough questions we will approach the company and will report back to the market once the questions have been answered.

We attend numerous investor events throughout the year. We announce forthcoming events we will be attending through our twitter account @share_talk or on this site.

Share Talk Ltd do not have any investment in the companies that it covers. However, if this was ever to change, Share Talk would make a full declaration with regards to that company. From time to time Directors of Share Talk may have investments in companies covered. Where appropriate this will be declared.

You can either email us at enquiries@share-talk.com, via our twitter account @share_talk or submit a question to us via the Contact Us page.

It is our intention at Share Talk to cover all Sectors and companies of all markets capitalisation on the London Stock Exchange. We at times also provide coverage for companies which have not listed on any of the markets but aim to do so in the future.

Yes, we are partners with Shard Capital@ShardSB. You can open an account through us by following this link.

Our partner Shard Capital can help, contrary to belief you do not need a huge pot to get involved. Click here to apply to open an account or ask for further information.

No, we at times put together articles, or Q&As for companies to respond to. Where we can we try and produce a video with the company or use Skype. Our Skype interviews / podcasts are available via AudioBoom or Itunes.

We pride ourselves in identifying companies with potential early. We use the term 'Climbers' to refer to those companies whose stories we have followed closely and continue to keep our subscribers regularly updated on their progress. Examples of this are Metal Tiger, 88 Energy and Keras Resources. We are working with several other exciting companies and expect to add to this list very soon.

  • Investor Events

    Corporate Events

    We can help promote your forthcoming event or investor show. With honest reviews and videos where possible.

  • Corporate Branding

    Corporate News

    Publication and reviews of the latest hot topics and shares for shareholders

  • Company Spotlight

    Company Reviews

    Enabling two way communications and reviewing RNS from various listed companies on AIM.

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please contact us via the button below. Or by emailing us at enquiries@share-talk.com.

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